George Groves Hair Transplant Transformation

George Groves Hair Transplant

George Groves surprised his fans recently with a hair transplant which completely renewed his look. Upon first glance, many failed to recognise him. Some even failed to do so after a detailed second look. 

During his boxing days, Groves had little to no hair on his head. That image of him remains firmly etched to his countless fans around the world. So, nobody was expecting him to see him with a head full of hair. 

The 32-year-old is now a regular face in talkSPORT, Sky Sports, Channel 5, and other media platforms. He caused quite a stir online with his redefined appearance that makes him look like a banker instead of a boxer.

He is tight-lipped about his new hair, though. So, we don’t know the secrets behind his rejuvenated barnet till now. Is he wearing rugs? Or did he undergo a hair transplant process?

The George Groves Hair Transplant

George Groves hair Transplant
Picture From World Boxing News

If Groves did undergo a transplant, it was a total success; he now has moderately long hair, which somewhat imposes an executive vibe on him. It is hard to fathom that this person used to make his living knocking out rival boxers in the ring. 

One of his biggest rivals, James DeGale, did opt for a hair transplant lately. The former IBF super-middleweight champion spent £6,000 in British Hair Clinic for his new hair. Unlike George, he was totally transparent about the procedure and even released images.


Losing your hair for a man can be a massive blow to their confidence, reports even suggesting it can cause severe depression which can even escalate to death in some rare cases.

Luckily the procedure is becoming more affordable and mainstream every day. With more and more professional sportsmen breaking down barriers, let’s hope that George follows suit.

If you are considering getting a hair transplant here is some really good solid information from the NHS

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