Mario Balotelli Wife and Girlfriends

Mario Balotelli wife

Did you ever wonder when did Mario Balotelli get married? Is he even married? Who is Mario Balotelli’s wife? This article takes a closer look at the former Manchester City and Liverpool striker’s personal life.

Besides discussing Mario Balotelli wife, we will also talk about Mario Balotelli’s girlfriend. 

This is the ultimate guide into Super Mario’s dating life.

Mario Balotelli Wife

Mario Balotelli wife (actually only engaged)
Fanny Neguesha

Mario Balotelli never actually got married. But, the woman who came the closest to marrying him is a Belgian model and actress named Fanny Neguesha. In 2014, Balotelli had announced that the couple got engaged.

Neguesha and Balotelli started dating in 2012. Before the engagement, they momentarily split up in 2013. However, that did not last long, and they patched things up really fast.

Balotelli broke the news of their engagement in June 2014. He posted a photo flaunting a diamond ring on Neguesha’s finger.

But, the on-again-off-again relationship did finally come to a permanent end. And that had happened before the two exchanged their vows. 

Neguesha called off the wedding in September after she found out Balotelli was seeing another woman.

The true identity of the mystery woman is still unknown.

Later Neguesha broke the silence and opened up about her break up to Belgian magazine NINA. She insisted that there was no bad blood between them despite the separation.

‘’It’s definitely over between Mario and me. But I want to highlight this: we have no quarrel. I wish Mario all the best in his life and his football career. If he needs me, I’ll be there for him. As a friend.’’

Mario Balotelli Daughter

Mario Balotelli daughter (Pia Balotelli) & family
Mario Balotelli & Daughter Pia Balotelli

Mario’s daughter was born in December 2012. Her name is Pia Balotelli, and her mother’s name is Raffaella Fico. Fico is an Italian musician, actress, and model.

Balotelli had initially refused to acknowledge Pia as his daughter. He requested a paternity test to verify the claim. After a positive result, Pia is a mainstay of the eccentric’s Brescia striker’s life.

Fico and Balotelli have joint custody of Pia Balotelli. So, she spends time with both of her parents from time to time.

Pia Balotelli
Pia Balotelli

On September 29, 2019, Pia Balotelli had walked onto the pitch with her dad before the Serie A meeting between Brescia and Napoli. Balotelli was lining up for Brescia, but his daughter had her allegiances for the opposition team. 

Pia came out of the tunnel wearing Napoli colours. Pia’s mother Raffaella Fico is a Naples native. So, it should not be difficult for you to surmise why Pia became a Partenopei fan. 

Balotelli revealed that his daughter is very passionate about Napoli. He also claimed that he wanted to join Napoli for Pia. If he managed to do so, he would have made her the head ultra.

Mario Balotelli’s Most Famous Girlfriends

Mario Balotelli Ex-Girlfriend
Eliana Cartella

Other than Raffaella Fico and Fanny Neguesha, who else did Balotelli date? Here are some of his most famous ex-romantic interests-

Eliana Cartella

Eliana Cartella is one of the most famous Mario Balotelli girlfriends. But, the TV personality and singer did not hold back while criticizing the former Italian international.

Talking in an interview after their breakup, she accused Balotelli of having no respect towards women. Moreover, the comments came at the most inconvenient time for Balotelli.

At that time, Balotelli was going through a legal battle with Raffaela Fico. Fico kept on insisting she is the mother of his daughter, but Balotelli denied it. However, a paternity test validated Fico’s assertions later.

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Vanessa Lawrens

Mario Balotelli met Vanessa Lawrens during his post-season holiday in Ibiza in 2012. The couple made regular public appearances at beaches, pubs, and hotels.

But, their relationship cooled off when Raffaela Fico made headlines claiming to be the mother of Balotelli’s unborn child.

A paternity scandal is the last thing you would need while trying to cultivate a new romantic relationship.

Holly Henderson

Dating a girl Wayne Rooney (Premier League Legend) had dated before is far too mainstream for someone like Mario Balotelli. So, he kicked it up a notch and dated the Man United legend’s cousin.

Holly Henderson later revealed that Balotelli wanted to marry her. But, he also wanted her to leave her modelling days behind. Balotelli’s controlling tendencies put her off.

Ultimately, Holly walked away from the relationship as she refused to give up her career.

Sara Galimberti

Mario Balotelli had a fling with beauty pageant and long-distance runner Sara Galimberti in 2011. In terms of duration, it was one of the shortest romantic pursuits of Balotelli.

However, none can deny that Sara Galimberti is one of the most beautiful former Mario Balotelli girlfriend.

Dayane Mello

When it comes to relationships, Dayane Mello is almost as impulsive as Mario Balotelli. So, when the two of them did start dating, everyone was convinced it won’t last long.

Accordingly, the duo had separated shortly after they had started seeing each other.

Laurene Thorne

Balotelli’s romantic interest in Laurene Thorne had garnered a lot of unwanted media attention. The primary reason behind this was Thorne’s age. She was only a teenager when Balotelli had approached her.

Another striking talking point was that she was no celebrity. She was just the girl next door. She used to work as a waitress, and one night, Balotelli followed her home and asked her out.

Thorne later revealed that she had no idea who Balotelli was. In fact, she was rather scared when Balotelli showed up unannounced at her door. He didn’t reveal how he knew her and how he got her address.

Of course, Mario did not think this through and did not expect that Thorne would reject him. But, the story did come out in tabloids and social media. Obviously, it caused a lot of embarrassment for him.

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Carla Howe

Almost immediately after Balotelli’s fiancée Fanny Neguesha left him, Balotelli started going out with Carla Howe.

Many choose to believe that Howe, who is a Playboy model, is the woman Balotelli was secretly seeing despite his engagement with Neguesha.

It should not come as a surprise that the duo didn’t stay together for long. A Playboy model and a football star is definitely not the ideal long-term couple combination.

Melissa Castagnoli

Melissa Castagnoli and Balotelli met on Facebook and instantly hit it off. But, the natural chemistry between the former Miss Italy contestant and the former Liverpool striker did little to extend their relationship.

Balotelli worded his reasons to break up with her in a text message and did not follow up on that. A week later, Balotelli went out with another girl in the most atypical fashion.

Sara Tommasi

Sara Tommasi is an Italian TV personality who had later pursued a career in the adult industry. However, she was a mainstream actress when she dated Balotelli. The couple started dating in 2011, but never engaged in a serious commitment.

Barbaro Guerra

Barbaro Guerra was the first of many celebrity girlfriends Mario Balotelli went on to have in his life. Guerra and Balotelli and dating right after the striker had started his professional career at Inter Milan.

Veronica Graf

This is the most bizarre Balotelli story I have to share. Playboy centerfold Veronica Graf had gone out with Balotelli while she was in another active relationship.

Graf, who was dating Algerian midfielder Saphir Taider at the time, did not just sleep with Mario. In fact, she had a foursome with Mario, his brother Enoch, and an unnamed woman.

Graf was supposed to appear in Big Brother afterwards. But, the broadcasters refrained from airing it following the massive controversy the story had caused. The incident reportedly happened a week before the program.

Veronica Angeloni

Balotelli had a romantic episode with Italian volleyball star Veronica Angeloni. But, the affair could not progress further as the Italian women’s volleyball team intervened and persuaded Angeloni to staw away from Balotelli.

Final Say

Fanny Neguesha almost became Mario Balotelli wife in 2014. But, the Italian striker’s reckless love life kept him from settling down. Will he continue on this path? Or, someone truly special will come in his life in the future? We will have to wait and see. 

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