Ryan Giggs Net Worth

Ryan Giggs Net Worth

Ryan Giggs is one the most decorated and successful players ever to grace the Premier League, but have you ever wondered what the Ryan Giggs net worth could be? Today, we reveal all and break down his contracts, bonuses, cars, and houses.

Ryan Giggs Net Worth

Ryan Giggs Net Worth£77 million

School Boy Signing

Ryan Giggs was born in Ely, Wales, in 1973. His father played professional rugby and would hope Ryan would follow suit. Fortunately for us football fans, he had other plans. 

Giggs showing natural talent at school with speed, agility, and balance. Ryan quickly caught the eye of Manchester United’s Sir Alex Ferguson. Ferguson reported in his biography that he knew he had it all within five minutes of watching him. Six days later, Sir Alex Ferguson signed him for their schoolboy academy.

Ryan, the Man United apprentice, earned just £75 per week and lived in shared accommodation with the other young potentials.

Turning Professional

Although it wasn’t long before he was fighting to be the number one left-winger at the club. Making his first-team appearance in the 1990-1991 season. Turning profession also bumped his salary up to £500 per week.

Allowing Giggs to buy his first house, a Ford Escort and later a VW Golf GTI. Giggs explained on national television that Roy Keane once asked to borrow the Golf GTI and did not return the vehicle for six months.

While dedicating his whole playing career at Man United, earning him a payout of £50,000,000 in salary and bonuses. He played for the Welsh national team and also became the manager of Manchester United. First, he was Manchester United assistant to Louis Van Gaal but took over after Van Gaal’s dismissal.

Adding another £10,000,000 to his net worth for his services at Manchester United and Wales. Giggs also received various endorsements throughout his career, including a Reebok deal. £5,000,000 added to his bank balance.

Ryan Giggs House & Real Estate Investments

Ryan Giggs House

He currently resides in a £3,500,000 Manchester mansion, complete with a swimming pool, bar, gym, and a cinema room. Over the last thirty years, he made several real estate investments, growing his net worth by £12,000,000.

Ryan Giggs Cars

Ryan Giggs cars and house

Long gone are the days of driving around in Ford Escorts or even Golf GTI’s. He now drives around the City of Manchester in Bentleys, Lamborghini’s, and Range Rovers.

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Salford City FC Investment

Giggs with the other ‘class of 92’ teammates took over Salford City FC in 2014. Winning three successive promotions and currently in the Northern Premier League. Paul Scholes and David Beckham saying their ambition is Championship football before Liverpool win another Premier League title.


Ryan Giggs’s net worth is £77,000,000 (approximately). Making him not only one of the most decorated players and one of the richest football players of all time.  I’m sure David Beckham disagrees with that last statement, though.

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