Peter Schmeichel’s Net Worth

Peter Schmeichel net worth

The big question is, what is Peter Schmeichel’s net worth? And what has he been doing since retirement? First, let’s dissect his past career moves and possible side earnings on and off the pitch to understand his current wealth better.

The “Great Dane” Peter Schmeichel, born November 18, 1963, has had an impressive professional football career spanning over sixteen years. Best known for his success at Manchester United, where he received several trophies, including five Premier League titles, FA Cup, and not forgetting the famous treble success in 1999, when he captained United to win a UEFA Champions League trophy.

Peter Schmeichel is seen as a legend in the goalkeeper world, achieving so much from the sport and representing the Hall of Fame. Schmeichel is a true ambassador for football, receiving the UEFA Goalkeeper of the year award four times.

Net Worth

Peter Schmeichel’s Net Worth 2021£20 Million

Manchester United was the highlight of his professional career, but his football career as a whole spanning over 16 years at the top level must come with its financial gain.  

In 1991, Peter signed for the Red Devils, Manchester United, for what was seen as a bargain for only £505,000. Peter was viewed as a top player back then, playing for one of the leading English clubs. This would have come with a high-end weekly salary and endorsement deals for his eight-year stint at the club. Premier league salaries at top tier clubs back then ranged from £3,000 – £5,000 a week. After 1992, the Premier League stars’ weekly wages were to see a significant increase due to supporting TV sponsors of the league and cup, such as Sky and Barclaycard etc.

In 1999, Schmeichel shocked the world when he decided to leave Manchester at the pinnacle of his success after winning the treble with United. At 35 years old, he decided to move on to other challenges and countries, to join Sporting CP in Portugal for a free transfer deal, where he would spend two seasons in Portugal. 

Along with club appearances, Schmeichel was heavily involved within his Danish International team, with 129 caps for Denmark over fourteen years. Including major tournaments such as the UEFA Euros and World Cup competitions. It was reported he was receiving around £1,000 per International game.

International Caps & Salary

International CapsEstimated Amount Received
129 £129,000

2003 Schmeichel was to retire from professional football after a few short-spell career moves back to English clubs Aston Villa and Manchester City on free transfer deals. The move back to Manchester City didn’t do the Great Dane any favours with the United fans, going back to the rival club where he spent most of his career and success.

Since retirement, Schmeichel has made occasional appearances within the pundit’s pannel, supporting Sky Sports and the BBC. This path can be a very lucrative career for retired footballers, earning anything from £100k to £400k a year contracts. 

In 2005, he began hosting the live UEFA Champions League matches on Danish television channel TV3+, with ex International teammate Brian Laudrup as a studio pundit. 

Charity Work

Not one to shy away from the spotlight and football pitch, Schmeichel was to return to Old Trafford in 2006 to take part in Soccer Aid Charity football event, where he played for the Rest Of The World team. 

Soccer Aid is a British annual charity event that supports Unicef, bringing famous stars and ex-football legends together for a friendly match where England faces the Rest Of The World team. All proceedings and ticket sales are to go to charity. 

Schmeichel was also looking at more long-term investment deals when he was close to signing a group deal for shares in Brøndby IF, where he would be the sports director, investing DKK 250 million (£30 million) with other partners. 

However, this fell through in 2007, when the club didn’t accept the offer within the deadline terms. 

Aside from the football world, Schmeichel has dipped his toe in the water with television appearances such as the famous British TV series, Strictly Come Dancing, where he would be a contestant on the popular show in 2006, teaming up with a professional dancer to compete with other celebrities on the show. This career move was short-lived as the public voted him out on his 43rd birthday, unfortunate timing.

As well as Strictly Come Dancing, Schmeichel made another brief TV appearance that same year on The Weakest Link celebrity edition, where he was technically the weakest link after a first-round vote out. 


Being a nation favourite in Denmark has also scored Peter some endorsement deals, this one being more unusual for an ex-footballer, such as Danepak Bacon. Schmeichel was seen years back advertising the famous Danish bacon brand appearing for their TV commercials back in 2007 as he impersonated a Danish butcher on their advert. The endorsement fee is unknown at this stage. However, he won’t be short of bacon sandwiches. 

Following the endorsement path, Schmeichel and ex-teammate Dennis Irwin were the sponsorship front men for the Italian liquor Aperol Spritz in 2014, which had links with Manchester United’s sponsor deal. The two ex-United legends would make public appearances and be the marketing campaign faces on national TV advertising the product. There were rumours of a five-figure deal for the pair towards their contribution and support.

Peter Schmeichel was also linked with Carlsberg’s, being the face of the UEFA Euro 2016 sponsorship campaign that promised fans the chance to play in one of the tournament’s stadiums alongside the legendary goalkeeper. 

The competition winners would get the chance to play alongside the legend goalkeeper and take part in a cross-bar challenge whilst winning tickets to the tournament’s games. 

This was a major marketing campaign involving Schmechiel as the poster boy on TV and social media to help support and create a buzz for the UEFA Euro’s 2016. 


Peter Schmeichel is still regarded as a wealthy ex-football player with a lucrative past career, whilst also following an active football retirement career as a football pundit for Denmark and the BBC

Our analysis and research believe Peter Schmeichel’s net worth is around £20 Million for 2021. 

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