Andre Agassi’s Net Worth, Wife & Money 2022

Andre Agassi Net Worth

Andre Agassi had an illustrious two-decade-long career that earned him the status of tennis legend. Before retiring his racket in 2006, he made history, becoming the first male player to win across all court types. What’s Andre Agassi’s net worth in 2022? Who’s Andre Agassi’s wife? We all cover all that in this article. 

Andre Agassi’s Net Worth 

Besides prize money and endorsements, Agassi also attempted to establish a revenue stream through investments. 

As part of the Andre Agassi Ventures group, which he co-founded with five other athletes, he created the Official All-Star cafe in 1996. However, it was a short-lived endeavor as the eatery closed its doors for good five years later. 

Investing $1 million in Nevada First Bank in 1999, he generated a $10 million profit when the bank was sold. He invested in the Tennis Channel in 2002. In 2002, he collaborated with chef Michael Mina to open concept restaurants in several cities. 

Golden Nuggets Las Vegas and Laughlin were sold to Landry’s a year after Agassi was part of a consortium that purchased them in 2004. Agassi Graf Holdings, the company he co-founded with his wife, invested in a popular nightclub in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. In 2010, they decided to part ways with the nightclub.

In 2022, Andre Agassi’s net worth stands at $145 million. 

Andre Agassi Endorsements 

He was endorsed by American Express, Mountain Dew, Mazda, Kia Motors, Deutsche Bank, Ebel, Schick, Canon, and Twinlab during his career as a professional tennis player. For the majority of his professional career, he was sponsored by Nike, but in 2005, he switched to Adidas. 

In 2013, Agassi made headlines as he returned to Nike after an eight-year absence. Previously, Agassi served as a Nike athlete for 17 years between 1988 and 2005. Nike’s offer to help him with his philanthropic pursuits convinced him to come back to endorse the US sportswear giants. 

When Agassi had left Nike in 2005, Los Angeles Times reported that Agassi jumped ships for Adidas as they agreed to back Agassi’s charity. Even though Agassi never publicly said anything about it, his return to Nike in 2013 indicates that the report was accurate. 

Agassi banked more than $25 million annually from his sponsorship deals during his active years. He pocketed $7 million per year for only playing with Prince Graphite rackets. 

Andre Agassi Wife 

Steffi Graf has been Andre Agassi’s wife since 2001. There had been some rumors suggesting the couple had split up, but those were false. Agassi and Graf did not file for divorce. 

Agassi was previously married to Hollywood star Brooke Shields. They got married in 1997, and their marriage lasted for two years. 

If you dig deeper into Agassi’s dating history, you will find out he was dating Barbra Streisand. The actress was 28 years older than Agassi, and their relationship sparked mass controversy at that time in the media. 

In Agassi’s autobiography Open, he recalled the wild days of his relationship with Streisand. He says the stigma attached to their age difference made their bond stronger. However, they did walk their separate ways in the end. Agassi tied the knot with Graf, while Streisand married fellow thespian Josh Brolin. 

Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi have had an ideal, scandal-free married life that is so uncommon among celebrities. The duo started to see each other when Graf was preparing to put her career on a hiatus. The couple made their first public appearance in 1999, shortly after Graf had broken up with F1 racer Michael Bartels.

Andre Agassi Career Earnings 

In 1986, a 16-year-old Agassi played in his first professional tournament in La Quinta, California. Twenty years fast forward, he announced his retirement from the game with eight major titles and an Olympic gold medal to his name. 

Agassi belongs to an elite class of five players who completed the career Grand Slam post-1968, the start of the Open Era. Overall tennis history, the Las Vegas native is one of only eight men to do it. He is one of only two men to win a career Golden Slam (career Grand Slam and Olympic gold medal) and the only one to win a career Super Slam (career Grand Slam, plus the Olympic gold medal and the year-end championships).

Andre Agassi immortalized his name in tennis history when he became the first male player to conquer all court types. Grass, clay, and hard-Agassi reigned supreme in all courts. 

No American male tennis player has managed to win the French Open and the Australian Open since Agassi did in 1999 and 2003, respectively. 

He has won 17 Masters championships and was part of the winning Davis Cup teams in 1990, 1992, and 1995. Agassi achieved the world No. 1 rating for the first time in 1995, but personal troubles hampered his career during the mid-to-late 1990s. His rankings fell as far back as No. 141 in 1997, leaving many to fear that his career was gone.

But, Agassi made a roaring comeback and reclaimed the number one spot in 1999. He enjoyed the most dominating phase of his career over the next four years. 

Agassi earned more than $31 million in winnings throughout his career. Even though he left the court decades ago, only five tennis players have succeeded in bagging more prize money than the Punisher. 

Andre Agassi Family 

Agassi and Graf welcomed their first child Jaden Gil Agassi in 2001. Two years later, Jaz Elle Agassi, the couple’s first and only daughter, came into their lives. 

Even though both of their parents are tennis stars, Jaden and Jaz did not pursue tennis as a profession. Jaz has no known affiliation with any kinds of sports. Jaden, meanwhile, played baseball in college. He has MLB aspirations. 

Andre Agassi Charity

Andre Agassi is one of the most successful athletes of all time. But, he has expressed his regrets for not completing institutional education. He chose to leave school to pursue a full-time tennis career. While that decision did pay off in monetary success, it left a sense of incompleteness in Agassi’s life. 

So, Agassi helps underprivileged children to get an education through the Andre Agassi Charitable Association. 

He also founded the Boys and Girls Club, which focuses on helping youth more interested in academics and sports. 

In 2001, Agassi established the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy to help the disadvantaged youth of West Las Vegas get a college education. It is a charter school that provides free education. 

His philanthropic approach is not limited to academics. He spent $720 000 to build the Andre Agassi Cottage For Medically Fragile Children. He is one of the founding members of Athletes for Hope, an organization that inspires more A-list athletes to give back and use their influence for the betterment of society. 

Final Words 

Despite leaving the court one and a half decades ago, Andre Agassi’s net worth is still enormous. He relished success both on and off the court, which helped him amass massive wealth. After retirement, he has kept himself busy with business ventures and philanthropic initiatives. 

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