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Steffi Graff tennis player - Net worth

Steffi Graf was the biggest name in women’s tennis before the Williams sisters came in. The German superstar rewrote the record books winning 22 major titles throughout the span of her iconic career. It stood as an Open Era record for 17 years! What’s Steffi Graff’s net worth in 2022? How much money did she make from her career? Keep on reading to find out or read our latest list of all the wealthiest players

Steffi Graf’s Net Worth 

YearNet Worth
Steffi Graf’s Net Worth 2022$145 million
Steffi Graf’s Net Worth 2021$140 million

Steffi Graf made some investments after her retirement to add to her wealth. Her most noteworthy ventures till now have been Viagogo, an event ticketing platform, and Unscripted, a video app for professional athletes that the Player’s Tribune has now acquired. 

Steffi Graf’s net worth in 2022 is estimated to be around $145 million. 

Steffi Graf Career Earnings 

Steffi Graff became the first Open Era female tennis player to touch the landmark of 22 major titles when she put her hands on the French Open trophy in 1999. Serena Williams surpassed that record in 2017, 18 years after Graf took her major tally to 22. Only Margaret Court (24) had more Grand Slam titles than Graf when she retired in overall history. 

She held the number one ranking for an unprecedented 377 weeks. In 1988, Graf did something remarkable in both the men’s and women’s games! She won a gold medal at the Seoul Olympics and conquered all four major tournaments. In doing so, she became the first-ever player to achieve a Golden Slam.

Steffi Graf won each major title at least four times. No other male or female player has managed to replicate that feat. She sat atop the singles rankings for 377 weeks, another record that is yet to be bettered by any other player, male or female. She has 107 singles titles to her name. Only Martina Navratilova (167) and Chris Evert (157) are in front of her in the overall singles trophy count.

Graff drew an end to her career in 1999 when she was only 30 years old. She ranked 3rd in global rankings at that time. Graf is widely believed to be the best female tennis player of all time. Associated Press named her the greatest of all time in 1999. Billie Jean King, one of the most accomplished players in women’s tennis, also believes Graf is the best female player tennis has ever seen.

Steffi Graf had won almost $22 million in prize money throughout her career. Adjusted for inflation, that figure would stand at $38 million today. 

Steffi Graf Endorsements 

Steffi Graf turned pro when she was only 13 years old. With her swift rise in the rankings, she caught the eye of Dunlop. After wearing Dunlop apparel for a few years, Graf landed a deal with Adidas in 1985. She was already fighting toe to toe with established superstars like Navratilova and Chris Evert by that time.

Soon, Adidas dedicated Graf her own line of footwear; The St. Graf Pro. Even though she switched Adidas for apparel, Graf played with a Dunlop racket till 1993. The Dunlop Max 200G was her favorite racket, but she moved to Wilson when Dunlop discontinued it in 1994. She stuck with the US racket manufacturer till her retirement. 

Graf had penned many lucrative sponsorships contracts during her playing days. One of the most famous (or, should we say infamous?) of those deals was her arrangement with Opel. The automobile brand had canceled Graf’s $1.2 million contract in 1995 when Steffi’s father, Peter Graf, went to jail for mismanaging her finances. 

Rexona was one of Graf’s long-time sponsors. The deodorant brand sponsored her from 1994 to 1998. Pasta giants Barilla, who now sponsors Roger Federer, also sponsored her. Citibank, Danone, and Apollinaris are some of Graf’s other brands. 

Steffi Graf appeared alongside her husband Andre Agassi in commercials for Canon and Longines. In 2015, it was reported that Kerala’s tourism authority had signed Steffi Graf to promote the Indian state’s Ayurveda heritage in the western world. But, the deal did not finally go through. Talks between the two parties broke down for undisclosed reasons.

Husband – Andre Agassi

Steffi Graf got married to US tennis legend Andre Agassi in 2001. The duo continues to be the ultimate power couple in the world of tennis to this day. They boast 30 Grand Slam honors between the two of them. 

Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf shared their first dance in 1992. Fun fact, they were not dating back then! It happened at the Wimbledon Ball, where it is customary for the men’s and women’s champions to dance together. 

In Agassi’s book, he found Graf attractive long before their first meeting. She caught his eye at the French Open in 1991. He tried to get in touch with her but failed to do so. 

Agassi and Graf reconnected seven years later. Agassi had just ended his marriage with American actress Brooke Shields while Graf was on the verge of coming out of a seven-year relationship with F1 racer Michael Bartels. 

Agassi convinced his coach to arrange a joint training session with Graf before the Ke Biscayne tournament held in Florida. He persistently asked her out and sent her gifts and bouquets to win her over. 

Agassi and Graf came closer during the French Open and the Wimbledon that year. After the Wimbledon, Graf announced her retirement from tennis and moved in with Agassi a few months later. 

They started to live in their Las Vegas house, where they got married two years later. Agassi and Graf kept it very casual. In Agassi’s words, they were barefoot and wearing jeans when they got married in the courtyard of their house. Only their mothers were in attendance, other than the judge who officiated the marriage.

Steffi Graf Children 

Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf have two children together. In 2001, they became parents for the first time, as their son Jaden was born. They welcomed their second child and their only daughter, Jaz, two years later. 

Charity Work

In 1998, Steffi Graf established Children for Tomorrow. It’s an organization that aims to help children who experienced the horrors of war and violence to recover from their traumas. Children of Tomorrow collaborates with hospitals, parents, schools, and psychiatrists to lend their helping hands to those in need. 

Graf is also a donor to the Small Steps Project, another non-profit organization trying to help underprivileged children around the globe. She also helps her husband Andre Agassi in his philanthropic pursuits. The couple has played several charity exhibition matches and donated the proceeds over the years. 

Final Words 

Steffi Graf has been mostly busy with her family and social work after retirement. However, Steffi Graf’s net worth is still staggering. We can only wonder how much money she could have earned if she had prolonged her career by a few years. 

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