Top 10 Antoine Griezmann Hair Styles

Antoine Griezmann Hair Styles

Antoine Griezmann hair has made him a fashion icon in the world of football, but it has also been a lightning rod for criticism lately. Many Barcelona fans are not happy with Antoine Griezmann’s long hair. 

There have been allegations that Griezmann focuses on his hairstyle more than football. The French International has struggled to settle in at Barcelona after his big-money move from Atletico Madrid in 2019. 

But, it would be unfair to blame him solely for the slump of form Barcelona have been experiencing in recent seasons. The Catalans have been struggling to click as a cohesive unit overall. 

In today’s piece, we will pay tribute to Antoine Griezmann’s impeccable sense of style. He has embraced some brilliant hairstyles in his playing career, we will pick our favourite 10 from them. 

1. Antoine Griezmann Long Hair (Unkempt)

antoine griezmann hair styles 2021

Antoine Griezmann has grown out his hair quite a few times in his career so far. As he frequently switches between hairstyles, we don’t know how long it would last, but as of writing, this is the look he is currently rocking. 

Natural messy hair is not a style that falls in the universally flattering category. But, the World Cup winner looks very well with unkempt hair. It has been the predominant look he went for in his Barca stint. 

But, his inconsistent performances at Camp Nou has made his hairstyle an easy target for critics. Many fans pinned the blame on Griezmann long hair for his subpar displays on the pitch. 

But, Griezmann made it clear that he will not let anybody dictate his personal choices and he will not cut his hair even if the club asks him to do so. 

In a recent episode of the Spanish talk show Universo Valdano, the 29-year-old opened up about his life in Barcelona. He also responded to claims like him having a poor relationship with Lionel Messi and dressing room rows. 

He also expressed his discontent at fan criticisms aimed towards him and explicitly stated that he has had enough. This is what he said when the long hair issue came up: 

“I will keep my hair long even if they ask me to cut it. My children and my wife want me to keep it.”

So, it’s safe to assume that we will get to see the France international in his long, unrestricted golden locks in the future days as well. We have to admit, it suits him really well. 

2. Antoine Griezmann Hairband 

antoine griezmann hair band

Griezmann sometimes chooses to tidy up his unbridled tuft of hair with an Alice band. Longhair can be an inconvenience for players if it keeps on coming over their faces and obstructing their view. 

Therefore, Griezmann often opts for a hairband during matches. In doing so, he does not have to worry about un-tousled strands of hair getting in his way of scoring. 

Griezmann’s hairbands are very popular among his fans. It is a nifty piece of accessory to have for keeping your long hair spick and span. On top of that, you get to emulate your favourite player’s hairstyle as well. 

Hairbands were a regular part of his look during his Atletico Madrid spell. He would use different variations of colour to liven up his appearance. In Barcelona, however, the Griezmann hairband has featured occasionally.

3. High Taper Fade

antoine griezmann with crazy hair

A high taper fade is one of the many experimental coiffures we have seen Antoine Griezmann pursue in the past. He trimmed his side hair shorter step by step and left a thick pile of top hair. 

To create a visually impressive contrast, he dyed his top hair to resemble a bright blonde shade. Besides Griezmann, we have also seen the likes of Sergio Aguero, Paulo Dybala and many more to go for a taper fade. 

A high taper fade compliments Griezmann’s voluptuous sense of fashion. It is a sophisticated blend of two barbering styles that goes really well with his facial structure. 

4. Antoine Griezmann Hair Mohawk

Antoine Griezmann mohawk hair style

If you follow La Liga regularly, then you might recall that Antoine Griezmann was a Real Sociedad player. It was in the Whites and Blues of Sociedad where Griezmann got his breakthrough. 

Griezmann did a lot of memorable things during his 9-year stay at Anoeta. The overhead kick goal against Lyon that sent the Basque county outfit to the Champions League group stage comes to mind in particular.

Griezmann was a brilliant player for Sociedad and duly earned a €30m move to Atletico in 2014. But we also remember the rebellious mohawk that crowned his head back then. 

The mohawk is obviously one of the most exploratory hairstyles the Euro 2016 Golden Boot has ever adopted. He briefly resurrected the style in Atletico Madrid later on.

But, the mohawk symbolises the Real Sociedad band in his career spectrum.  It warrants a mention in any discussions about Antoine Griezmann’s hair. 

5. Half Ponytail

Antoine Griezmann pony tail hair

When you have longer hair, you have a lot of options to style it. A Gareth Bale-Esque half-ponytail is one of them, and Griezmann didn’t pass out on the opportunity to try it. 

Griezmann debuted the half-ponytail look when he was an Atletico Madrid player. We are just speculating here, but maybe his former colleague Filipe Luis served as an inspiration. 

6. Griezmannia Hair Style

Griezmannia hair style

The Griezmannia is arguably the most iconic shade of Antoine Griezmann’s hair we have seen till now. The Griezmannia is a lopsided variant of the high taper fade we had mentioned earlier. 

Griezmann was an instant hit in Atletico Madrid when he joined Los Rojiblancos in 2014. He scored 22 goals in 37 outings and earned a place in the La Liga Team of The Year.

As he took the Vicente Calderon by storm, Atleti fans lined up in rows at salons. Why? Because they wanted to look like their new talisman Antoine Griezmann. 

Griezmann had a David Beckham-like impact on the world of fashion. He invented a brand new look and popularised it. Hence, the name “Griezmannia’’.

Spanish publication AS quoted Miriam Martinez, owner of one of Madrid’s most high-end salons, as follows: 

“David Beckham is the most imitated footballer ever, though all his styles were already a trend, and he asked for them the next day. Griezmann is different. He creates a trend. This cut did not exist until he did it.”

Even though Griezmann moved on from the style long ago, the Griezmannia remains a popular choice of hairstyle to this day. It was a genuine trendsetter. 

7. Antoine Griezmann Hair Low Taper Fade

Playing For France

For Euro 2016, Griezmann settled on a more conventional hairstyle. He decided to do a taper fade, but with the long hair extending beyond the crown of his head. 

While the hairstyle did look great on him, it failed to become a lucky charm. He scored six goals in the competition to claim the Golden Boot. But France lost the final to Portugal in front of their home crowd. 

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8. Buzz Cut

Antoine Griezmann

The buzzcut does not actually fit Antoine Griezmann’s hair profile. It is nothing flamboyant, rather, it is a convenient cut that minimises the maintenance duties. 

However bland the cut might appear, it should hold a special place in Griezmann’s memory. He lifted his first European silverware at club level sporting the ordinary-looking buzzcut. 

In 2018, Atletico Madrid won the UEFA Europa League, and Griezmann played a key role in the campaign. The number 7 scored in the semifinals against Arsenal and found the net twice against Marseilles in the final.

9. Blue Hair

Griezmann with blue hair

Antoine Griezman debuted a new hairdo in the summer of 2017. Speculations were running high that Manchester United was set to make a move for him, but his new hairstyle somewhat subdued those claims. 

In an Instagram post, Griezmann revealed that he had dyed his hair blue. Sporting the colours of their city rivals did not look like the ideal indication of an imminent move to Old Trafford. 

While Man United fans were assessing the implications of Griezmann’s new hairdo, then Barcelona star Neymar Jr. did not hold back on his judgement.

The Brazilian had commented “ha ha ha” with laughing emojis. Griezmann did not respond but had he tried, we are sure he could have found some way to troll the Brazil international back. 

10. The Traditional Short Hair

Antoine Griezmann with daughter at the world cup

Antoine Griezmann has a flair for the spectacular when it comes to hairstyles. Ironically, the biggest successes he enjoyed in his career came when he opted for a “guy next door” look. 

In the 2018 World Cup. Antoine Griezmann went for the most textbook haircut you could imagine. He had short hair with the top combed to the left.  

The simplicity of Antoine Griezmann’s hair did not prevent him from being excellent on the field. He was adjudged the man of the match in the final against Croatia. He also finished second in the highest goalscorers list. 

Final Say

Antoine Griezmann’s hair is a defining part of the Barcelona star’s striking appearance on and off the field. He is as famous for his unique hairdos as he is for his elite finishing prowess as a forward. 

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