The Best Cristiano Ronaldo Haircuts Over The Years (2023 Update)

Cristiano Ronaldo Hair

Who is the greatest player of all time? Cristiano? Messi? Pele? We all have our own opinions about that, but Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly a popular consideration among people as the best-ever footballer. Apart from his stellar football abilities, the Portuguese superstar is also a fashion icon. In this article, we will go through the best haircuts he did throughout his career.

Cristiano Ronaldo Mohawk

Cristiano Ronaldo Hair

Cristiano Ronaldo did not actually go Marek Hamsik with this haircut, but he did try out a toned-down version of mohawk for a while, and it looked good on him. While the traditional mohawk has a sharp spike, Ronaldo preferred to keep his top hair messy. During his early Manchester United days, he spiked up his top hair in a mohawk style without shaving the sides. In later years, he shaved the sides but never went for a full-on spiny mohawk.

Cristiano Ronaldo Man Bun

Cristiano Ronaldo Hair

The man bun is another Cristiano Ronaldo haircut that went under the radar. But, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner looked rather gorgeous when he rocked his man bun all of a sudden at Juventus practice. This one seems the most stylish of all the Cristiano Ronaldo long hair variations we saw throughout the years. At halftime, you would see him redoing his hair by the sidelines, like a Japanese samurai making his final preparations before unleashing hell on his enemy!

Cristiano Ronald Comb Over

Cristiano Ronaldo Hair

A combover is nothing out of the ordinary for most of us people, but Cristiano Ronaldo is no mere mortal! The forward has stuck with a simple combover for most of his career, yet he appears to be the most fashionable guy on the pitch. The combover has grown as the quintessential Cristiano Ronaldo haircut, and if you want to get a Ronaldo hairdo, this one is the easiest to do. Make sure you have an inch of top hair so that you can comb it back with the help of some hair gel.

Ronaldo’s Layered Hair

Cristiano Ronaldo Layered Hair

Even though he will go with a casual, simple hairstyle at times, Ronaldo is a person who loves to experiment with the look of his hair. Layering is one of the techniques the Man United star has used to give himself a unique look. In this case, all he did was combine multiple layers of hair together, which does not require a lot of work in the barbershop. So, this is another Ronaldo hairstyle you can quickly get.

Casual Hairstyle

Cristiano Ronaldo Casual Hair

The casual hairstyle Ronaldo often does for photoshoots is a slight alteration of the combover we mentioned earlier on. In this case, the side hair is slightly less recognizable, creating a balance between a back brush and a combover. This is a look you can wear on all occasions. It would look equally befitting in an official meeting in a conference room with your business partners and on the beach enjoying the freshness of the ocean breeze with your loved one.

Cristiano Ronaldo Long Noodly Hair

Cristiano Ronaldo Noodle

Shortly after his man-bun experiments, Cristiano Ronaldo posted this photo and asked for the fans’ approval for his new hairstyle. The responses were overly optimistic, and many pointed out that it was a throwback to the hairstyle Ronaldo rocked while storming the wings for Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United in 2004/05. However, he used to have strands of blonde hair at that time, which is clearly absent in the latest iteration of that style. Regardless, it did make Ronaldo fans nostalgic.

Cristiano Ronaldo Messy Tophair

Messy Hair

Cristiano Ronaldo turned up with a messy hair top in the 2017 UCL final against Juventus as if we wanted to warn the Bianconeri of the storm that is heading their way. Ronaldo put in a man-of-the-match performance as Real Madrid crushed Juventus 4-1 in the final. Apart from his footballing brilliance, Ronaldo’s unique hairstyle attracted the attention of social media users the following day. Even though it was an instant hit, we did not see it for long. How Ronaldo does his hair like this, you ask? All you need to do is put some gel on your hair and comb it with your fingers aimlessly, and voila!

Cristiano Ronaldo Side Burn Less Comb Over

Sideburn Less Combover

In this attempt to mix things up a bit, Ronaldo has blended his trademark combover with a sideburn-less style. Yes, this is the hairstyle that featured in that infamously hideous Cristiano Ronaldo bust that went viral a couple of years ago. The hair orientation was different, though.

Cristiano Ronaldo Short Hair

CR7 Short Style

Simple yet elegant-that is how we would like to describe Cristiano Ronaldo’s short hairstyle. If you rhino about it, you can say it is the most efficient haircut an athlete like Ronaldo can get. The hair won’t get in your face when you are pacing through the opposition defense, but you would still look incredibly dashing in the camera after the match while posing with your man of the match medal.

Cristiano Ronaldo Spiky Hair

Ronaldo Spiky Hair

In the early 2000s, Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles were characterized by their spiky and messy look. Ronaldo used a combination of these two features quite a lot back in the days, but he moved on in recent years. It might not be a universal fit, but Ronaldo truly owned that look.

Cristiano Ronaldo Flat Top With Short Sides

Cristiano Ronaldo Flat Top With Short Sides

The flat top with short sides was a fantastic look on Ronaldo. It was sleek, elegant, but unfortunately, it did not last long. This is not the most straightforward haircut to achieve, and it does require a bit of maintenance to stay in style. Maybe that’s what prompted Ronaldo to move on?

Final Say

These were our selections for the best of Cristiano Ronaldo’s haircuts. However, we cannot claim it to be the ultimate list since the Man United and Real Madrid legend have attempted so many hairstyles in the past. Which ones did we miss, and which ones are you going to get during your next visit to the hairdresser? Let us know.

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