Roger Federer’s Wife & Family (Mirka Federer)

Roger Federer & Wife, Mirka Federer

Mirka Federer is famous as Roger Federer’s wife. But, many might not remember that she was a promising tennis star in her youth as well. An injury brought about a premature end to her tennis ambitions. However, she stood by her husband and helped him become one of the best players in history. This article will talk about Roger Federer’s family life and learn more about his wife and children. 

Early Life 

Miroslava Mirka was born to jeweler parents on April 1, 1978, in the now Slovakian town of Bojnice. After her birth, her family left Czechoslovakia and relocated to Switzerland in search of a better life for themselves and their children.

Mirka’s parents led a humble life. She often credits her modest upbringing for the person she is today. Mirka explained the early struggles of her life made her thankful for her present wealth and lifestyle. 

Watching a tennis match as a kid sparked her interest in the sport, and as if by divine intervention, she met Martina Navratilova at the age of 8. She was enamored with Martina’s charisma and spent her adolescence perfecting her tennis talents. Mirka received a tennis racket as a gift from Martina. Mirka acknowledges it to be the best gift in her life before crossing paths with her husband. 

In the late ’90s, after putting in long hours of hard work on the tennis court while constantly fueling her ambition to play for her nation, she got the opportunity to represent Switzerland in the professional tennis arena.

Mirka Federer’s Tennis Career 

Mirka Federer playing tennis with husband, Roger.

Mirka offered a glimpse of her tremendous talent when she became the Swiss junior tennis champion. In the competition, she took on the finest young tennis players in the country. But she overcame all the hurdles to lift the trophy in the end. 

Winning the Swiss Junior Title brought Mirka under the attention of several high-profile Swiss tennis stars and coaches. As a result, she had the opportunity to get top-tier training facilities and supervision. Mirka was thought to be the next big thing in Swiss tennis by her late teenage years. 

Even though Mirka didn’t have a long and particularly successful career, she nevertheless had a huge fan following. Playing across the world at various tournaments in the early to mid-nineties got her career off to a flying start, culminating in victories in the 1997 Tel Aviv Tennis Championships and the ITF Tennis Tournament in Clearwater. She was eventually picked for the Swiss Olympic team for the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

She met Roger Federer at the Summer Olympics in 2000. He had just started his pro career back then. When they met, they fell in love at first sight and began a relationship while still pursuing their respective careers.

When Mirka made it to the third round of the US Open in the third quarter of 2001, she was at the pinnacle of her tennis career. He broke into the global top 100 for the first time in her career. 

Her playing style resonated with viewers, and she was greeted with cheers and worldwide recognition, despite suffering a third-round defeat.

In 2002, she partnered with Roger Federer in the Hopman Cup Tennis Championship. She announced her retirement from the game a few weeks later. 

Why Did Mirka Federer Stop Playing Tennis?

Mirka Federer stopped tennis because of suffering repeated injuries. Roger Federer later revealed that he advised her to give up the game as her condition deteriorated. She underwent surgery for a foot problem. But, she could not recover back to fitness, and the pain got worse when she tried to play. So, Mirka abandoned the dream of a comeback.

Mirka did not let go of her love for the game, however. She attends all of her husband’s matches in the gallery, and it’s not only cause she is a supportive wife.

Roger Federer’s Wedding 

We have previously mentioned that Roger and Mirka met on Olympic duties for their country for the first time. Wrestler Ludwig Kung, also part of the Swiss Olympics contingent, revealed how the two got to know each other. 

Kung says everyone knew Roger liked Mirka, so they tried to get them to spend more time with each other. They used to lock the couple out and allow them the time to get to know each other. He also smirkingly confirmed that the duo had their first liplock by the time the Olympics concluded. 

Roger later revealed that he had exaggerated his age by three months to make himself appear more mature before the kiss. He tried to convince Mirka that he was 18 and a half years old. And the trick worked!

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The two continued dating after the Olympics and shared the court a few times before Mirka retired. After seeing each other for almost a decade, the couple tied the knot in 2009. They had a small ceremony in Basel and exchanged their vows in the presence of their friends and family. 

The wedding took place at the famous Villa Wenkenhof, a 16th-century villa that is one of the premium wedding venues in Europe. After the event, Federer had announced on his website that he had gotten married.

Engagement Ring 

As a token of their eternal love, Roger Federer gave Mirka an emerald-cut diamond ring. Until now, the ring’s maker has not been publicly revealed, but there are plenty of Swiss jewelers from which Federer could have bought it. Presumably, the center stone is more than 10 carats. 

In 2017, Mrs. Federer’s magnificent ring received an upgrade. The main stone in the new diamond is substantially larger. It may be 20 carats or more. 

Continuing around her finger, a swirl of pavé-set diamonds holds the massive jewel. The curvy design of her engagement ring may have forced her to give up her wedding band.

Harper’s Bazaar theorized that the new ring came from H.Stern Jewellers. The ring does resemble the design of many H.Stern offerings, but there is no way to confirm that it came from them. 

What Does Mirka Federer Do Now?

After retirement, Mirka Federer has been a family woman. She has raised four children and supported Roger both on and off the court. Mirka looks over Roger’s finances and serves as his manager. She took over Roger’s finances after they got married. Previously, she worked as a public relations officer after hanging up her racket. 

Roger Federer Family 

Roger & Mirka Federer Family

Roger and Mirka have welcomed two sets of twins on two separate occasions. Their first twins, Myla and Charlene, came to earth shortly after their marriage in 2009. In 2014, they were blessed with Lenny and Leo, twins again! 

Fans jokingly suggested that Federer’s children could win their doubles titles one day. That may not be such a long shot, even though it was mentioned in jest. Even though they are still young, the Federer children already share their parents’ passion for the sport. 

The younger Lenny and Leo are just getting started, while the older Lenny and Leo are doing it for fun and meeting other youngsters. They are learning the fundamentals of the game.

 It’s pretty rare to have twins-only approximately 33 out of a thousand newborns are twins. So, you can imagine that you need to be lucky to have two sets of twins! 

Roger Federer has a history of twins in his family, explaining how he became the father of four twins. His elder sister Diana has twins, and his maternal grandmother also had a twin sister. 

The Federers have decided to homeschool their children. Their kids can fluently speak English and Swiss and speak a little German. 

Although an experienced father, Roger Federer stated that he mixed up his children in the early days of his fatherhood because it was more challenging to distinguish the twins. 

Roger and Mirka are faithful Roman Catholics. They are quite religious and have raised their kids in Roman Catholic values. They took the kids to the Vatican and the Einsiedeln Abbey. 

Roger Federer House 

Roger Federer lives in a luxurious villa in Wollerau, Switzerland. The villa that sits by the beautiful Lake Zurich has set off Federer more than $8 million. The tennis star has been living there since 2014 with his parents, wife, and children. 

The house stands on a 1.5-acre plot. Some people might even call it a “glass house” because it has many windows that go from floor to ceiling.

Three levels make up the Federer family residence. One is dedicated to Federer himself, one is for his wife and children, and the other floor belongs to his parents. Swimming pools, a fully-equipped gym, and an underground parking lot are some of the property’s wealth of amenities. 

Final Say

Despite being one of the most prominent athletes globally with an unbelievable net worth, Roger Federer is a family man. Roger Federer’s wife and family mean the world to him, making us admire the tennis legend even more. 

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