The Best Goalkeeper Gloves Review 2023 / 2024

The Best Goalkeeper Gloves Review

Being a goalkeeper is often a thankless job. Most of the time, you would be remembered for the one you let in, rather than the handful you kept out of the goal. Your duty as the last line of defence would become even more challenging if you don’t secure your hands with the best goalkeeper gloves. 

Like other sporting gear, the ideal goalkeeper gloves might not be the one that comes with a jaw-dropping price tag. It mainly depends on the goalkeeper’s personal preferences. Some prefer lighter gloves for better reflex, some look for stickier plums for better grips, while others want a thicker pair of gloves to lunge themselves at the forward’s feet and snatch the ball away. 

A pair of gloves defines a keeper’s identity, so there is no place to settle for below-par options. As a shot-stopper, you need to have confidence in the gloves you are wearing. Therefore, we will help you select the best goalkeeping gloves for yourself. We have created an elaborate option and also shortlisted some gloves as our ultimate recommendation. 

How To Buy The Best Goalkeeping Gloves

Although many people believe goalkeeper gloves are simple items, and you can randomly pick up a pair, we assure you that there’s more to it. Like all major sports, technology has become increasingly important in football. So, when you are shopping for a new pair of gloves, you have to consider the new products’ technical advancements. 

The construction of a glove influences its shape and fit, besides its grip, protection, and durability. One cut is not necessarily better than the other. Each has its share of advantages and disadvantages; the best option for you is a question of personal choice. We will discuss these factors in more detail below.

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Box Cuts

Sometimes known as the flat palm, the box is a classic cut that is now seen mainly at the lower end of the market. In these gloves, the manufacturers stitch a single sheet of latex for the palm and fingers to the back of the glove using gussets. Gussets make the glove tighter, but they don’t offer as much latex protection as other cuts, resulting in less grip.

Negative Cuts

A negative cut is almost identical to a box cut, but it comes with an inner seam. This implies the glove is a little tighter on the hand and has a little more grip, but it will wear out faster than a box cut glove. The contact zone is usually relatively wide and covers your hands quite effectively, especially if you have slender hands.

Roll Finger Cuts

The roll finger, often referred to as the “gun” cut, wraps latex around the finger and links it to the glove’s backside. Since there are no gussets in these gloves, they get superior latex coverage, which gives them better flexibility and grip. However, the fit is not perfect in comparison to negative cuts. We would suggest these if you want to avoid frequent injuries. 

Combination/Hybrid Cuts

Some gloves apply varied cuts on separate fingers instead of staying within a single fingerstyle to maximize user experience. Gloves can have a roll cut on the index and fifth fingers for enhancing contact area protection, but use a negative cut on the inside fingers to improve general comfort and flexibility. These gloves are known as combination/hybrid cuts. 

Size – Guide

Gloves come in a variety of sizes. Without knowing the right size, you won’t get the proper fit. Consult the following chart to get your ideal size: 

SizeGloves TypeAge Group
2Small Child5 Years
3Small Child6 Years
4Small Child7-8 Years
5Medium Child9 Years
6 – 7Large Child9-12 Years
7.5 – 8Junior/Small Adult13+ Years
8.5 – 9Adult MAdult
9.5 – 10Adult LAdult
10.5 – 11Adult XLAdult

It’s critical to get the fit perfect; a well-fitting glove accounts for more comfortable and relaxed hand movement. It also gives you a boost in confidence and accommodates natural ball contact. A too-tight glove will rapidly wear out, while a too loose glove might cause an uncomfortable grip. 

Palm Material & Thickness

The palm material and thickness of the glove is another consideration to make while purchasing the best goalkeeper gloves. Professional goalkeepers go for latex because it’s more comfortable and it provides excellent grip. However, latex palms degrade faster. So, if you want a pair of gloves for training or want it to last longer, you should opt for a rubber-latex mixture. 

Best Adult Goalkeeping Gloves

Uhlsport Men’s Tensiongreen Lloris Supergrip Goalkeeper Glove

Hugo Lloris lifted the World Cup for France in 2018 wearing an earlier version of these gloves. The inside of the Uhlsport Lloris super grip goalkeeper gloves comprises a revolutionary super-grip foam in Fluo Green, which guarantees a superior grip level because of its integrated features.

A fusion of latex and neoprene gives maximum comfort and flexibility on the backhand, with the latex embossed in 3D for optimum flare. In addition, it has a new unique cut that gives you an ideal fit and more catching area. Therefore, it is a better pick than the previous version, which made its way into the best goalkeeper gloves of 2020. 

Reusch Prisma Supreme G3 Fusion Goalkeeper Gloves

Like Uhlsport, Reusch is another German brand that has garnered the trust of goalkeepers worldwide with its impressive range of goalkeeping gloves. The brand’s proprietary G3 Ultrasoft foam offers a level of comfort and durability that you would rarely find in other gloves. Hence, we couldn’t overlook the Reusch Prisma Supreme G3 Fusion for our best goalkeeper gloves list.

The Ortho-Tec finger protection system is one more signature Reusch offering that makes this pair of gloves stand out from the crowd. It keeps your hands and fingers safe without causing unpleasant sweating and cramps. Reusch engineered these gloves with unique elastic materials that maximize backhand mobility. 

Sells Mens AXIS 360 AQUA CAMPIONE 10.5 Goalkeeper Gloves White For Football

This glove comes with a unique palm design that offers incredible grip and performance even in the most extreme conditions. When dealing with an evasive ball on a wet pitch, you would find the Elite Aqua glove quite effective. It adapts to the shape of your hands and makes for a skin-tight fit with utmost flexibility. 

The Adhesion Ultra Supreme latex makes it particularly suitable to capture rain-soaked, slippery balls. It has Outlast Technology that provides additional comfort and temperature control. These gloves were first launched in 2012, and since then gone through several modifications to cope with the increasing demands of the game. 

Puma Future Grip 5.1

Puma Future Grip 5.1 is the pair of gloves that Atletico Madrid custodian Jan Oblak puts on to frustrate the opposition attackers. These gloves boast a hybrid design that enables the keeper to react more swiftly. No matter how adverse the pitch and weather conditions are, the 4mm Elite Grip latex palm will not compromise your stronghold on the ball. 

The fully knitted backhand of the Future Grip 5.1 is designed to provide your hands with as much range of movement as possible. This particular attribute alone makes it worthy of being named alongside the best goalkeeper gloves in the world. Moreover, it also boasts a silicone punching area and a thicker latex palm for better control.

Renegade GK Limited Edition Rogue Goalie Gloves

Renegade goalkeeping gloves often fly under the radar, but the American company produces some of the best budget goalkeeping gloves. There are only 1500 pairs of these limited edition gloves available across the whole world. So, you can buy a collector’s item for quite a bargain price. 

Rogue gloves are made of high-quality German Giga Grip pro-level latex. Other improvements, like the expanded palm, 180° thumb wrap, and pre-arched palm, better grip and ball control instantaneously. The composite 4+3MM latex palms and neoprene backhand with elevated rubber ridges on the Rogue provide increased shock absorption and ball control.

Nike Vapor Grip 3

Nike Vapor Grip 3 is a timeless pair of gloves that has stayed relevant since its launching days. Unlike most of its competition, it didn’t go through many changes. It’s one of the most common answers you would find if you ask the best goalkeeper gloves in the world on online football forums. 

These gloves are basically weather-resistant. You can put them on regardless of the rain or the scorching sun outside. The adjustable strap of the gloves accounts for a customized fit. On the other hand, the wristband falls deeper so that you can move your hands without any obstruction.


From Oliver Kahn, Harald Schumacher, and Jens Lehmann to the more recent Manuel Neuer, Marc Andre Ter-Stegen, and Bernd Leno-Germany has a rich history of producing goalkeepers. So, it’s only natural that German manufacturers would excel at making goalkeeper gloves. These Uhlsport gloves are a testament to that fact. 

It has a generous catching area, so you wouldn’t feel troubled to snatch away a flying corner or denying the striker to make contact to an enticing cross. Its polyurethane build keeps your hand comfy for prolonged periods. Also, it features adequate cushioning to put up with the ferocity of powerful, goal-bound strikes. 

Adidas Predator 20 Pro

The best goalkeeper gloves will feel incomplete without an Adidas product, so here we are! Adidas Predator 20 Pro gloves have evolved to match the needs of a modern keeper. Its compressive body embraces your wrist for a strapless natural fit. The knit backhand, meanwhile, keeps your hands warm and cosy. 

With padded palms and grip-control components on the backhand, you can catch and punch with complete self-belief. The pair of gloves enhance hand mobility by addressing anatomical flex zones. In doing so, the palm and fingers will move in the most natural way possible, and there will be no risks of bagging. 

Reusch Pure Contact 3 G3 Fusion Goalkeeper Gloves

Reusch has made Pure Contact 3 gloves for keepers who want to have a natural feel on their hands. These gloves do a brilliant job in keeping your hands safe without curtailing your hand’s range of motion. It comes with a negative cut for a broader impact zone and has a lightweight but practical G3 cushioning. 

Reusch Pure Contact 3 Ax2 Goalkeeper Gloves

As Reusch advertises, these gloves do actually feel like a “second skin.” What sets it apart from the previous Reusch gloves is its use of Ax2 foam rather than G3. The Ax2 foam palm makes the glove more suitable for wet conditions. The use of Durabond Technology increases its abrasion resistance and helps it fare equally well in grass and synthetic turfs. 

Tompro Extreme Grip Negative Cut Goalkeeper Goalie Gloves Giga Grip

The negative cut structure of this glove promotes a snug and secure fit. On top of that, it boasts a Giga 4+3mm Giga foam coating for handling both dry and wet playing situations. The mesh netting on the backhand guarantees optimum airflow for sweat prevention. The Tompro Extreme Grip is an underrated choice that outranks many goalkeeper gloves in performance and longevity. 

Adidas Ace Fingersave Replique Goalkeeper Gloves

These budget-friendly Adidas gloves pack an exceptional Fingersave detail that makes you better at deflecting the ball away from danger. Its ergonomic palm ranks high in comfort, grip, and durability. Its full-wrist wrap keeps the gloves in place and facilitates a slinky fit. Undoubtedly, it’s a bargain at this price point. 


We are confident that all the items we have reviewed here fulfil the criteria of the best football gloves. So, you can choose any one of these and take your goalkeeping game to a whole new level. 

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