12 Of The Best Football Boots For Kids

Best Football Boots For Kids

The new football season is right around the corner, so it’s time to get your children new football boots. Even if your kids are yet to outgrow their old pairs, you can always get them upgrades. Each season manufacturers come up with more lavishing designs, which also offer more functionality apart from aesthetics. In this article, we will discuss how to buy the best football boot for kids. 

Moreover, we have shortlisted 12 items as the ultimate picks for junior football stars. You can choose any one of them for your kids, or you can compare among them and select the best one for your children. So, without further ado, let’s get the ball rolling. 

How To Buy The Best Football Boot For Kids

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to identify the best football boots for kids. Each child is unique. Therefore, each of them will have their set of needs. Foot size, playing position, and colour preference-all these factors should be considered when you’re shopping for a child’s football boots. 

For example, some boots can improve the finishing of a striker. If your child plays as a striker, he/she will find an excellent use for such boots. However, it won’t do him/her much of a favour if he/she wants to play as a defender. Other boots are better suited for that purpose. To cut a long story short, you should buy boots that complement your child’s playing style and position. 

Size is a significant concern when selecting boots for children. Kids grow up fast, so it would be best if you choose a size extra. Wearing only one size bigger shoes won’t bother your kids much, and they can use them over a more extended period. If you want long-lastingness, we would advise you to go a step up in size. 

Finally, pay heed to the outside appearance of the boot. If you are trying to make your kids interested in football, a pair of gorgeous boots would be an effective mode of persuasion. They would love to wear them, and in turn, they will spend more and more time on the football pitch. You can find some exquisitely designed football boots in our recommendation list. 

Top 12 Football Boots for Kids

Nike Jr Phantom GT Club TF Youth Soccer Shoes

Some of the world’s best players dominate the pitch wearing Nike boots. Nike Jr Phantom GT Club TF can be the ideal choice for kickstarting your child’s football adventures. These shoes are to make goalbound efforts more precise. These shoes come in a sleek red and black combo.

The grippy texture of the design makes it easier to receive and dribble the ball. It has a synthetic leather build so that it won’t tear easily. Also, it makes the shoe incredibly wash-friendly. Off-centre lacing creates a clear striking area on the shoe. Its rubber sole provides superior traction on artificial surfaces.

Puma FUTURE 19.4 

The synthetic upper of the PUMA FUTURE 19.4 accommodates a perfect fit for different feet shapes and sizes. You can tie the laces in many different ways, which allows you to customise the fit. These boots are available in numerous colour choices. What makes them even more attractive is their affordable price. 

Puma FUTURE 19.4 boots are conveniently lightweight. So, children won’t feel them difficult to wear while sprinting across the pitch. A mix of conical and bladed studs makes the boot suitable for both firm ground and artificial surfaces. The textile sock feature increases the comfort of the wearer. 

Adidas Nemeziz Messi Tango 18.4 

The Adidas Nemeziz Messi Tango 18.4 belongs to a range of Adidas boots that Lionel Messi wears. If your kid is a big fan of the six-time Ballon d’Or winner, he/she would be thrilled to replicate their idol and wear these shoes. The shoes are primarily orange, which Adidas brands as “Active Red”. The touch of blue towards the backheel makes it delightfully good-looking. 

Players get more stability because of the padded heels. On top of that, it accounts for a comfy fit. The flexible upper expands the shoe adaptability range. That means you won’t have to worry about the wide or narrow feet of your children. In short, this is a high-performance pair of football trainers that would benefit all type of junior players. 

Adidas X Ghosted

Adidas X Ghosted helps attackers to ghost past defenders with their blistering pace. That’s why elite forwards like Mohamed Salah and Karim Benzema grace the pitch wearing them. To make the most out of your child’s running abilities, you can pick the Adidas X Ghosted. It doesn’t only help in sprints; it also vastly improves the player’s shooting accuracy. 

The use of synthetic mesh makes this shoe exceptionally flexible and comfortable. Since this is a turf shoe, rubber soles give the player better mobility. The vibrant design of the shoes reflects the artistic vision of the manufacturer. It is a beautiful pair of footwear that would please the pickiest of all kids. 

Nike Jr Mercurial Victory III

Nike Jr Mercurial Victory III represents the modern iteration of Nike’s iconic Mercurial Victory line. Mercurial Victory III addresses the need for speed in current day football with its unique outsole. This particular detail grants the boot more incredible grip and speeding capabilities. The premium leather build of the boot makes it remarkably pliant, which yields a handful of benefits.

First, the flexibility of the leather allows the boot to enclose the feet properly. Moreover, it provides superior balance and allows the player to control the ball with more authority. These are farm ground boots, so your children can wear them on a rain-soaked pitch. However, they don’t fare well on muddy fields. 

Adidas Predator Mutator 20.1 

Predator Mutator boots were made famous by David Beckham back in the early 2000s. He has curled in a handful of free-kicks wearing these boots. So, if your kid is an aspiring forward, the Adidas Predator Mutator 20.1 will be an ideal option for him/her. The dimpled front part of the boot impacts the trajectory of the ball and causes unbelievable bends. 

These boots have a soft interior that inflicts minimal pressure on the feet. Therefore, children won’t get distracted throughout the match and entirely focus on their play. It covers the ankles, so it offers additional protection against rouge tackles. Unlike the adult version, these boots are not laceless. However, we feel it makes for a better fit for children.

Puma Kid’s Monarch

Puma’s Kid Monarch comes in a more traditional, old-school look. But don’t let its simplicity fool you; it is one of the best football shoes for kids, thanks to its durable design and cosy fitting. A soft yet long-lasting synthetic upper complements vintage tongue and laces. The versatile sole grip making this shoe an all-rounder for indoor, outdoor and Astr-Turf surface. 

Puma Kid’s Monarch is suitable for wider feet. In many cases, you would find the shoe sizes not corresponding to the feet sizes they are supposed to fit. But, the fitting is inch-perfect with this shoe. So, you can buy size five without any hesitation, if it’s size five that you need. 

Under Armour Kids Magnetico

In our best football shoes and boots for kids list, we have already mentioned some boots that appeal to kids with wider feet. The Under Armour Magnetico caters to children with narrower feet. Under Armour’s proprietary TrueForm technology makes the boot supple enough to fit across smaller feet shapes. 

Besides precise fitting, TrueForm technology also enables the boot to react to your feet movement when making a run instantly. As a result, you can expect better acceleration wearing these boots. The inner textile section keeps the feet condition pleasant, while the synthetic upper layer keeps the on-pitch adversities at bay. 

Mizuno Monarcida II Sel Jr.

The Monarcida ll Sel Jr are some of the most underrated football footwear of all time. Mizuno Monarcida II Sel Jr. often flies under the radar in the best football shoes for kids debate, but we found it too good to ignore. With its hard soles, ideal for Astro-turf and concrete flooring with a sock-liner, which makes the boot accessible to a broader age group.

This choice of footwear is ideal for most surfaces, indoor, outdoor, Astro-Turf and dry natural grass, making it the all-round trainer for the active child. Also, the changeable sock-liner creates the perfect comfort to the broader or thinner sized feet.

Adidas X 19.3

Other than endorsement liabilities, many footballers prefer Adidas boots because of their premium feel, exclusive features, and heavy-duty nature. The Adidas X 19.3 is a fantastic pair of boots to consider if you are on a budget but want to buy Adidas boots for your young ones. It packs some enticing offerings at an affordable price. 

Adidas X 19.3 boots (artificial turfs) If your kid plays a lot of Astro-turf football, you can get him/her these boots. The boot has a lower outline, which results in better user comfort. Its upper mesh facilitates better ball reception and encourages your youngster to try a trick or two. With the lightweight design, your kid can be a real speed demon on the pitch.

Nike Kids Mercurial Superfly 6 GS MG Jnr

Superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe, and Erling Haaland take the pitch by storm wearing Nike’s Mercurial Superfly boots. The junior version offers most of the features that have made the Mercurial Superfly one of Nike’s best-selling football boots. So, what can you expect from the Nike Mercurial Superfly G 6s Mg Junior?

The Nike Mercurial Superfly 6 Academy GS Mg Junior stands out for its unique outsole, which is appropriate for natural and synthetic grass surfaces. It offers optimum traction and grip for better manoeuvrability across the pitch. The mesh upper keeps the ball almost glued to the feet. Because it gives players more control over the ball, players of all positions will find the boots helpful.

With its upper sock support makes it easy to pull on, and it will fit snugly to the feet. The mesh upper keeps the ball almost glued to the feet. Because it gives players more control over the ball, players of all positions will find it helpful. The textile sole adds to the boot’s comfort. 

Vizari Stealth 

Vizari Stealth is the final item we will contemplate for the best football boots for kids crown. These boots are true to size, so they are safe to buy in exact sizes. Also, they offer as many as five colour alternatives. You can pick the right colourway to supplement your kid’s football fashion sense. 

The synthetic outer layer repels water and keeps the boot in good shape despite extended playing sessions in wet pitches. Easy-to-handle laces mould the shape of the boot to fit the feet of your child correctly. The studs in these boots are as heavy-duty as they come and provide excellent footing in the most difficult of pitches. 

That wraps up our best football boots for kids article. We had kids of all ages in mind while writing this piece. Hopefully, our work will help you pick out the best football boot for your football-loving kids. 

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