Mathieu Flamini Net Worth: Billionaire Footballer

Mathieu Flamini Net Worth

If you are one of our regular readers, you would be well aware that neither Lionel Messi nor Cristiano Ronaldo is the richest footballer in the world. Our today’s topic is Mathieu Flamini’s net worth.

Flamini is another footballer whose wealth is said to transcend the most accomplished footballers of our time. How much is he worth and how did he become so rich? 

Mathieu Flamini Net Worth 

Flamini Net Worth 2021€30 million

Flamini has played for some of the biggest teams in Europe including the likes of Arsenal and AC Milan. But, the vast amount of his wealth came from his ventures outside football. You would often read reports that he is a billionaire footballer and has as much as €30 billion sitting in his bank account. 

Flamini founded a company named GF Biochemicals in 2008 with his business partner Pasquale Granata. The company specialises in producing levulinic acid, an alternative for petroleum-based fuel. GF Biochemical aims to restructure the global energy industry that is worth trillions of dollars globally. 

This led to the speculation that Flamini is a billionaire and has the financial capacity to take over a top-level European club. In an interview with French publication L’Equipe, however, the former midfielder laughed off the implications that he has a net worth of billions of euros. Here’s what he had to say: 

‘’It’s important to put things right. Contrarily to what has been said, I don’t have €30 billion in my bank account. And that amount doesn’t correspond with the value of my company GF Biochemicals. That amount is the total value of the market we hope to get into, thanks to the new technologies developed during these last few years.’’

Mathieu Flamini, L’Equipe

So, contrary to the reports you have been reading, Mathieu Flamini’s net worth is not €30 billion in reality. The outlets that have reported so have misinterpreted the information. In Flamini’s words-’’It’s as if you value a restaurant at the total cost of the whole dining industry.’’ The actual Mathieu Flamini net worth is reportedly around €30 million. 

Flamini Company – GF Biochemicals

GF Biochemicals is central to Mathieu Flamini’s business endeavours. As we have stated before, Flamini formed the company alongside Italian entrepreneur Pasquale Granata when he had left Arsenal for AC Milan. But, Flamini’s involvement with the company wasn’t public knowledge until 2015. 

In a sitdown with the British tabloid The Sun, Flamini revealed that he has invested in a company that aims to replace fossil fuel in the future. GF Biochemicals became the first company in the world to produce levulinic acid on an industrial scale. By 2015, GF Biochemicals had manufactured two thousand tons of levulinic acid. 

The company has collaborated with the University of Pisa and the Polytechnic University of Milan to identify and mass-produce an eco-friendly substitute for oil. Levulinic acid emerged as the most lucrative and viable option, so the company decided to specialise in its production. In 2020, GF Biochemicals had 400 employees including 80 factory workers. 

Since its inception, GF Biochemicals has grown in size. In 2016, it made its way into the US market as it acquired Segetis. In doing so, GF Biochemicals inherited more than 50 patents in the biofuel industry. Segetis also had 200-plus patent applications awaiting approval at the time of the takeover. Those patent rights transferred to GF Biochemicals as well. 

In 2018, Flamini joined his former Arsenal teammate Mesut Ozil to launch a skincare line named Unity. All Unity products use organic ingredients, which resonate with the combined enthusiasm of its founders for protecting the environment. Unity donates a part of its proceeds for helping children affected by war and climate change. 

Mathieu Flamini Football Career

Mathieu Flamini has the reputation of a midfield utility player. His previous managers, particularly Arsene Wenger at Arsenal, hailed his ability to occupy any role in the midfield. Flamini played as a traditional dm, sometimes as a box-to-box runner, and even deputised in wider areas on the pitch. He was often used as a makeshift fullback. 

He came up through the ranks at Marseilles, his hometown club. The 2003/04 season was his first as a senior player. Despite being only 20 years old at that time, he became an important member of the squad. He was instrumental in Marseille’s UEFA Cup run, which ended in an unfortunate 2-0 defeat to Valencia in the final.

In the next season, Flamini signed a professional contract with defending Premier League champions Arsenal. The transfer was subject to much controversy when Marseilles alleged that Flamini had orally agreed to a contract at the French club, only to join Arsenal in the weeks that followed. 

FIFA intervened to mitigate the case, and Arsenal had to pay €480,000 to Marseilles for finalising the deal. In his first season at the English club, Flamini had a backup role. He contributed some important goals the next season in both the Champions League and Premier League. But, he was discontent with his limited involvement and wanted to leave.  

He became more of a regular player in his third season and struck a solid midfield pairing with Cesc Fabregas. However, he signed for Serie A giants AC Milan after that season. He stayed 4 seasons with the Rossoneri but found himself in a rotation player role once again. After his contract expired at San Siro, he came back to Arsenal as a free agent in 2013. 

Mathieu Flamini Crystal Palace

Three seasons and two FA Cup medals later, he signed for another London-based Premier League club-Crystal Palace. Crystal Palace didn’t extend his stay beyond the 2016/17 season. Afterwards, he went to Spain to play for Getafe in La Liga. He played for the Spanish club for two seasons. 

How Much Does Mathieu Flamini Earn?

Mathieu Flamini is yet to call quits on his football career, but he has been without a club since he left Getafe in 2019. It’s obvious that he wasn’t earning as much money in Getafe as he did in his Arsenal, Milan, and Crystal Palace days. However, the Azulones didn’t disclose how much they were paying him.

Getafe is not of the most financial affluent clubs in Spain. In fact, a 2017 report reveals that they had one of the smallest wage bills in La Liga. The average annual salary of a Getafe player was reported to be at €664, 632.82. That means Getafe pay a weekly wage of €13,000 to their players. 

Therefore, we can assume that Flamini was drawing a similar amount or even less at Getafe. In his first stint with Arsenal, Flamini was making €2m per year. He took a sizable pay cut when he moved to AC Milan in 2008, but he was still taking home as much as €1.5m. He received an even lower salary when he signed as a free agent for Arsenal in 2013. 

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Mathieu Flamini Sponsors

Mathieu Flamini was never the most lucrative marketing option for sponsors, but he did have a boot sponsor. Flamini used to wear Adidas at the peak of his career, but upon his return to Arsenal in 2013, he was seen wearing Puma footwear. He continued to wear Puma when he played for Crystal Palace and Getafe in subsequent seasons. 

Mathieu Flamini Cars

Mathieu Flamini drives a Ferrari 458 Italia. It boasts a V8 engine with direct fuel injection. It can accelerate from zero to a hundred kilometres within 3.4 seconds. Ferrari wanted to make a perfect blend between a road car and a racing car. For this reason, the company consulted Formula One legend, Michael Schumacher while designing the Ferrari 458 Italia. 

Final Say

There is a lot of misleading information online regarding Mathieu Flamini’s net worth. We have verified the sources and brought you accurate information about his wealth. The former AC Milan and Arsenal man is now a successful entrepreneur and an environmental activist fighting to make the world a better place.

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