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UFC 249 – Tony Ferguson to fight Justin Gaethje

UFC and Dana White confirmed that the current lightweight champ Khabib will not be fighting and will be replaced by Justin Gaethje. News started circulating Instagram earlier in the week with Khabib explaining the lockdown situation he faces. Reporting that he also flew to Abu Dhabi, was declined by immigration and ordered back to Russia

Fan’s left wondering if the Khabib vs Ferguson bout will ever take place? 5 times its been arranged, 5 times its been canceled! Some fans declaring the fight is jinxed and will never happen. Also the majority of Khabib haters calling out the champ for being sacred.

Justin Gaethje – Top UFC Finishes

New York In Lockdown

The original fight was due to be held in New York but with the current corona-virus concerns and New York being at the center of the US outbreak, it has been confirmed that it will not go ahead, the good news is that they may have well found another venue.

The latest news from inside the UFC HQ is that they are securing a private island and will continue to run the events as normal.

“I have this venue for two months, and I’m setting up shop here. We’re going to be pumping out fights every week.”

Dana White – UFC President
The latest news - UFC 249
UFC 249 Latest News

Although the venue could be secured for future events, the fighters could be the main issue, with most of the none US citizens already vacating American soil weeks ago.

UFC Latest News

Of course, this could be really good news for fight fans around the world, if they can make it happen. But with the COVID-19 virus taking a stronghold. It would be no surprise even if UFC 249 didn’t go ahead.

The planned date is 18th April and will be live via PPTV. Shame it’s only for the interim belt, but none the less, if Dana can make this happen in current affairs, its a job well done.

More updates to follow…….

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