Jorge Masvidal UFC Record 2022

Jorge Masvidal UFC Record


Despite his recent failure to claim the UFC welterweight title, Jorge Masvidal UFC record makes us believe the glory won’t evade him for too long.

He couldn’t master the best fighter on the division yet, but he has smashed several MMA records in his 49-bout UFC career. So, rule him out of the championship equation at your own risk.

The UFC Welterweight Division is the most exciting entity in the entire world right now. No arguments, no ambiguity, no ambivalence. Yes, Jon Jones is the best fighter on the planet, but no one cares about the light heavyweight, fact. 

UFC Record – Quickest KO In UFC History

Jorge Masvidal vs Ben Askren full fight. Also the UFC fastest KNOCKOUT in history!
Jorge Masvidal Vs Ben Askren Full Fight

Jorge Masvidal UFC Record

Jorge Masvidal Record: 35-14-0

LossJorge Masvidal Vs. Colby Covington25:00
LossJorge Masvidal Vs. Kamaru UsmenR2
LossJorge Masvidal Vs. Kamaru Usmen25:00
WinJorge Masvidal Vs. Nate Diaz15:00
WinJorge Masvidal  Vs. Ben Askren0:05
WinJorge Masvidal Vs. Darren Till3:05
LossJorge Masvidal Vs. Stephen Thompson5:00

UFC 251 – Kamaru Usmen Vs Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal UFC Records
Usman Vs Masvidal

Kamaru Usman denied Jorge Masvidal of a UFC title claim as the Ultimate Fighter 21 winner kept hold of welterweight championship belt at UFC 251.

Masvidal was not the original participant of the Abu Dhabi showdown, as he came in as a replacement for Gilbert Burns. The Brazilan, who has a World Cup gold medal to his name, had to withdraw from the event after contracting coronavirus.

Coming on the back of a three-match winning streak, Masvidal was a strong contender for the welterweight title. With Burns being unable to fight, the Miami native was the most obvious replacement.

He sat third on the UFC welterweight rankings, and second-placed Colby Covington had already had his chance to dethrone Usman. So, it was time for Masvidal to try out his luck against the reigning champion.

The bout ended in heartbreak for the 35-year-old, but it could be argued that the scheduling has been unfair to him.

Too Soon For Jorge Masvidal?

Masvidal got the phone call from the UFC HQ just six days before the fight. Six days is way less than ideal preparing for a fight of this caliber.

He had to spend time in quarantine before he flew out to Abu Dhabi from Las Vegas. Then, he had to quarantine himself again upon arrival in Abu Dhabi.

Considering all that, Usman had a massive advantage walking into this bout, and he made full use of it. The American fighter had more preparation time for the event, and it reflected on the octagon.

He outscored Masvidal by a landslide (263-88) in total strikes and also ranked higher (94-66) in signature strikes.

Usman was also a clear winner in terms of takedowns, as he managed to land five as opposed to Masvidal’s nil.

Usman could have still won if Masvidal had adequate prep time. The 33-year-old is an excellent fighter, which is why he has the honor of wearing the esteemed UFC welterweight champion’s belt.

That said, Masvidal would have definitely had a better chance of becoming the champion if the schedule was more kind to him.

2019 The Year Of Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal UFC record
Jorge Masvidal

The year 2019 should be a highlight in Jorge Masvidal’s scrapbook. It was the best year he has had as an MMA fighter till now. This was the year he catapulted into the top tier of MMA stardom.

His first challenge in 2019 was to take on Daren Till in London. Masvidal had ended 2018 with two back-to-back defeats, while Till was deemed a favorite to grab the welterweight championship belt back then.

It is obvious that Masvidal was the underdog of the pair-up.

Those who predicted an easy win for Till had to eat a humble pie. Masvidal knocked out his highly rated adversary in the second round of the affair and put a glaring question mark over his prospects of becoming a champion in the division.

The best was yet to come from Masvidal. Four months after his win over Till, the former Bellator fighter was matched up with Ben Askren.

Jorge Masvidal UFC Record: Predictions

l will put my reputation on the line; Masvidal annihilates the entire welterweight division at some stage in his career. Masvidal TKO’s Woodley, inside three rounds, he destroys Colby Covington in one round and ends the richest UFC fighter Conor Mcgregor inside two.

I said it and l stand by it, watch this space! Masvidal has come to rule and he will rule with an iron fist.

Yes, l hear you saying ‘most dangerous fighter pound for pound,’ but what about Khabib Nurmagomedov? What about Amanda Nunes? Jon Jones?

Yes, l am a big fan of all these fighters, and can’t wait to see Justin Gaethje test the little man from Dagestan.

Jon Jones recently put in a shaky performance against Dominick Reyes, while Amanda said, line ’em up, and I’ll knock ’em out. And yes, she’s true to her word.

Jorge Masvidal: Breaking Into Stardom

Everyone was expecting an exhilarating contest. But, before anyone inside the arena had the opportunity to settle into their seats, the tie was over!

Askren landed flat on the octagon floor just five seconds after the fight had started. Masvidal launched an aerial assault and his flying knee was enough to end the day for his opponent.

To date, this is the fastest knockout we have ever witnessed in UFC history.

This is the fight that brought mainstream fame to Masvidal. He started to go up in the rankings and became a formidable contender of the UFC welterweight crown.

In November 2019, Masvidal rounded up a perfect year for him. He fought Nate Diaz with his high profile admirer Dwayne “The Rock’’ Johnson in attendance.

Masvidal earned the bragging rights after the third round, and The Rock entered the octagon to congratulate him personally.

The WWE legend and Hollywood superstar awarded him a belt resembling the UFC one, which read BMF (Baddest Motherfuc*er).

Jorge Masvidal: Life Before UFC

UFC Jorge Masvidal Record
Jorge Masvidal

When he was around 14 years old, Masvidal took up boxing training and the wrestling team. He was dropped from the team as he didn’t have the minimum grades required to be a part of his high school wrestling team.

Later on, he also started to train himself in karate and MMA fighting.
His fighting career begun in 2003 through kickboxing. He had won the AFC welterweight championship in 2006.

Masvidal had a flawless record in the BodogFIGHT promotion, where he had won against high-profile opponents like Steve Berger, Keith Wisniewski, and Yves Edwards.

In the subsequent years, he had fought in Bellator and Strikeforce. In both competitions, he has had some memorable wins, but he failed to win the championship.

In 2013, Masvidal joined the UFC after Strikeforce was discontinued.

Jorge Masvidal: Growing Up

Born to a Peruvian mother and a Cuban father, Jorge Masvidal comes from a strong Latin American background. Masvidal’s parents met in the United States, and Masvidal was born in the country too. Masvidal was born and bred in Miami.

Masvidal’s father went out of the picture after being arrested for drug trafficking and received an 18-year sentence in prison.

Initially, Masvidal had no idea that his father was in prison. His family told him that his father had gone on army duty, and for nine years, he didn’t discover the truth.

In an interview with BBC, Masvidal shared some of the stories of his troubled past. I was about nine years old riding a bike with some friends when we got stopped by a group of guys who were three or four years older than us.

“One of the guys leans over, grabs my shirt, pulls out a knife, and tells me to give him my bike. I was scared. He had a knife. But there was a fence between us, so I pulled back, assessed the situation, then took off.

“Then, five or six months later, there’s this incident where my friend got slapped at school, and I asked who the guy that slapped you is? He pointed to the kid, and just by luck, I realized it was the same guy who pulled a knife on me.

“We started going at it by the side of the cafeteria. I knew how to throw punches by watching kung-fu movies, and I landed a flurry, plus a head butt which busted his nose.”


Jorge Masvidal UFC record has been a compelling one, to say the least. The lack of a championship belt remains the only significant blemish in an otherwise illustrious career.

Can he fill that void upon his retirement? We will have to wait and find out.

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