Fight Fans On Standby As Conor McGregor & Jake Paul Trade Insults

Boxer Jake Paul

Conor McGregor is currently sidelined and recovering from a horror leg break that resulted in his stoppage defeat to Dustin Poirier in Las Vegas this summer. 

The controversial Irishman and self-proclaimed biggest name in the UFC has been doing what he does best – whipping up a storm on social media.

In addition to posting videos of his new multi-million-pound superyacht, flying through a gruelling weighted pull-up training routine. All while Conor is sporting a cast and crutches. 

Mcgregor was also involved in a few high profile war of words. The most interesting of them involves YouTube star and freshly turned professional boxer, Jake Paul.

That exchange caught the attention of fight fans and sports traders, with the latter reacting swiftly. The UFC best bets apps are now offering odds on a potential McGregor v Paul boxing match in the future, and it seems a clash fans want to see.

Paul On McGregor

The spat began when Paul quoted in an online interview suggesting McGregor’s leg break was what he deserved after several disrespectful remarks on fellow fighters and their families. Jake added that he believed McGregor was lashing out on social media in an attempt to stay relevant and out of frustration as he knows his career is near the end.

Conor has lost three of his last four fights during the previous five years, all inside the distance.

The YouTube star continued his rant, adding no one cares about the career of the Notorious one; the sport of MMA has moved on. 

You decide if that’s true or not. Either way, it got the reaction he probably intended. The American is the master of self-promotion to the masses, and he’s done it again. 

Fans of boxing, the UFC and even just lovers of public arguments involving celebrities are lapping it up. It’s also showing no signs of slowing down, with a harsh response expected from McGregor, who has been more active on Twitter, mainly due to his injury and extra time out of the gym.

Is this a case of a public figure with a global following taking the opportunity to kick a man when he’s down? Jake knows Conor is at his lowest on the back of another defeat. At the same time, he is facing an extended period on the sidelines. 

Easy Target

Jake also knows the Irishman is an easy target for ridicule after coming for past opponents online with tasteless remarks that have since been deleted. 

But it’s worth remembering the YouTuber is a wise man; he hasn’t made his fame and fortune by accident or a fluke.

There are suggestions in the fight game that Jake Paul could be jabbing McGregor to get a reaction out of him and tempt the Notorious back into the boxing ring. Paul versus McGregor wouldn’t be the most technical of boxing matches, and it certainly wouldn’t be one for the sport’s purists, but it would easily be the biggest fight of the year in terms of revenue. 

It would sell out any major venue in America with tens of thousands of Paul and McGregor’s fans paying over the odds for a seat. Millions more would dip into their pockets, driven by curiosity, and purchase the fight on a Pay Per View TV deal.


It’s not just the fight fans that would benefit from a clash involving two men who are fast becoming enemies. The fighters would take home millions of dollars. Both are already very wealthy and aren’t afraid of playing to the crowd and taking a fight they know they’d probably lose for the big payday. 

For hard evidence of this, check McGregor’s professional boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather.

If the fight were to happen, it would likely take place in America midway through 2022. 

Paul is scheduled to meet Tyron Woodley in a boxing match later this month, and McGregor must wait until his damaged leg makes a full recovery. A return to the boxing ring over a return to the octagon seems like the sensible option as it would limit the chances of damage to the leg. Until then, fans must play the waiting game.

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