Sports in the Digital Age: A Guide to Online Engagement


Sports have a huge audience; they appeal to most subsections of society. Sports transcend language and culture to have a universal appeal. As such more and more fans are looking for more ways to engage with their favourite sports, and as we live in the age of technology, there are more options than ever before. The internet has opened up a lot of new avenues when it comes to increasing your engagement with the sport of your choice; keep reading to learn more. 

Get Involved with Online Sports Forums

The internet is a great place for providing people with a place to air their opinions. Online forums are a place where these discussions can take place. The forum can house a tonne of different discussions at once, with each one being archived in order to allow people to add to it whenever they want to. There are forums dedicated to individual sports or ones that act as an umbrella with different subsections allocated to each one. You can find discussions on matches, players, new signings, transfers, or advancements made in the sport itself. If you cannot find a discussion or forum that fits with what you want to say, then you can create your own discussion that reflects your favourite or most hated aspects of the sport. The forums encourage a sense of community; you can interact and build connections with people that you probably would never have met otherwise. 

Join Social Media

Making yourself a social media account on one of the bigger platforms like Instagram or Twitter is a great way to engage more with the sport of your choice. This is because most players and teams have some sort of social media presence, in fact, in this day and age, it is all but guaranteed. You can learn more about the players on a personal level by gaining an insight into their daily lives, and you can get some fun behind-the-scenes action and anecdotes from the team pages. In addition, the platforms allow you to interact with their posts, liking their pictures, leaving comments, and even sending them private messages – although, in all honesty, the chance of getting a reply is small as they likely have a huge following, so bear that in mind.

Play Online Games

One of the best things about the internet is the variety of things on offer. Online gaming is a huge business in and of itself, and as such, the options out there are truly limitless. Sports games represent a huge genre within the industry, and within the genre, there are several subsections or niches to explore. Most of the time, the games either give you an opportunity to play the sport or act as a manager and plan strategies. Playing online games can offer you a great opportunity to interact and engage more with the game in the online space. It can also help you to learn more about the sport itself. Depending on the popularity of the game, you are likely to find that there is a community of other fans out there, too, that you can interact with. 

Create Fantasy Teams

Most sports have some form of a fantasy league that you can join online to engage more with the game. By joining a fantasy league, you are taking on a managerial role; you come up with your own strategy to create the perfect team. Depending on the rules of the sport, you choose a line-up of players – often including reserves, should an injury or event occur to take one of your players out of the game. During the season, you score points which then affects your standing in the league table. You can join an established fantasy league online, or you can create your own with your friends, family or colleague. You score points depending on the performance of the players on your team, and the point system does vary by sport, so be sure to read up on the rules before joining. 

Make Online Bets

The truth is that online gambling is already a popular pastime in and of itself. Think about how many ways there are to gamble online; you can play all of the traditional casino games and some fun new ones at sites like It stands to reason, then, that you can use online gambling as a way to further engage with your favourite sports. If the sport has a big enough following, the likelihood is that you will be able to place bets on them through online bookmakers. It adds more excitement to the games themselves, helps to show more support for your favourite teams – not to mention the fact that you stand to win money if your bet comes in. Betting on sports is a huge market, and there are a lot of forms of bets to explore; you can even place bets during the game or the match after you have got a feel for how it is going to turn out. Some gamblers are of the opinion that it helps to give them an edge. 

To Sum Up

Sports can and have had a truly transformative effect on a lot of people’s lives. Sports do have a truly universal reach; they can be used as a unifying tool to bring people together from all walks of life. Major sporting events have the power to shut down cities or, in some cases, even countries – think back to the world cup in 2021; entire cities stood still to watch the match and cheer on England. The internet is a wonderful resource; it, like sport, can bring people together. It makes sense then that the internet can be used to as a way to further connect with your favourite sport. The list above is not exhaustive, but it does offer some of the more accessible ways in which you can engage with the sport online. Think about which method would work the best for you. Do you have the time to create a fantasy team? Or the money to spend gambling? 

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