Top 5 Professional Fighters Who Like To Gamble

Mike Tyson

There’s no denying that gambling and UFC or other variations of professional fighting often come hand-in-hand. The majority here will say that this case is mostly connected with sports betting. However, we would argue that the connection only became stronger once the best MMA fighters of all time started advertising different online casinos or appearing in Las Vegas venues themselves. Nowadays, almost all the best UFC fighters spend their successful weekends somewhere in the casino, enjoying poker, sports betting, or even traditional slot machines. So today will tell you what exactly captures their attention and what stars can be seen in your local casinos. 

Connection Between Gambling and UFC Fighters

It is quite obvious that sports betting is popular among fighters and fans alike. There are thousands, if not millions, of dollars involved in this industry, and the payouts can sometimes be unreal. The best MMA fighters of all time that appear on your TV screens are not above online or even real-life gambling venues. As a matter of fact, some of them play online and love low deposit casinos that will maximize their experience. Surely, since they are millionaires, if not billionaires, different promotions or low deposits may not be as interesting for them as they are for you. However, we can surely maximize our own experience by finding only the best options in front of us. 

Mike Tyson

No article can start without mentioning Mike Tyson and his legendary love for gambling. This particular fighter had also made an epic cameo in The Hangover, a brilliant movie about a couple of guys who had much fun in Las Vegas. Mike Tyson is following their path and enjoys his time in Las Vegas. Most fighters prefer land-based casinos since they like the press that comes with them. However, some reach for online options because they are more private. Among the best options is Gamblizard, a licensed and highly trustworthy platform perfect for professionals and amateurs. After all, we all want our private information to remain anonymous, and it doesn’t really matter if you are a professional fighter or a beginner.

Connor McGregor

The next person on our list is yet another successful fighter with more than $100 million in his net worth. Our answer is quite simple if you’re wondering where he spends all of that money. Some of it he spends on expensive cars and watches. The other part goes for sports betting, specifically on boxing and football, as well as different slot machines or even poker. Not to mention that the fighter is Irish, and Ireland is particularly known for their love towards sports betting and gambling. 

Floyd Mayweather

Since we have mentioned Connor McGregor, we can’t allow ourselves not to mention his opponent Floyd Mayweather. He is almost just as flashy as his colleague. He also advertises many different casinos in the US and loves sports betting, especially when it comes to boxing, UFC, or MMA. There were rumors surrounding his gambling career, especially in sports betting, but they were never confirmed. Therefore, he continues to gamble regularly. You may meet him in one of the Las Vegas casinos, especially after fights. 

Evander Holyfield

This particular fighter is a great example that can warn you against irresponsible gambling. His initial net worth was once even higher than Connor McGregor’s. However, Evander spent almost all of his money on failed sports betting. He didn’t realize that luck wasn’t necessarily on his side and continued gambling until he ran out of all the money he earned from his epic fights. Even though he is still gambling, we would offer him as a good example of being irresponsible with your budget. We at least hope that he had some fun in the process. 

Manny Pacquiao

The last person on our list is Manny Pacquiao. He is an extremely famous multi-weight champion who has several hobbies. For most fans, he is known as an extremely charitable person who, being a philanthropist, donates lots of money to charity. However, it doesn’t mean that the fighter is above having some fun. You can also see him betting on different sports and making some poorly calculated decisions on his part. He also always has high stakes. It’s all or nothing with him. 

Bottom Line

Here you have it. These top five best MMA fighters combine their professional careers with gambling. As you have probably noticed, most of them enjoy sports betting and flashy weekends at Las Vegas venues. Some of them even advertise popular venues and don’t hide their fascination with gambling. We recommend you try sports betting, at least for fun, and see how lucky you are. Nevertheless, ensure you are responsible because even the best UFC fighters can forget that gambling can cause harm.

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