Rashad Evans Net Worth & Highest Paid Fights

Rashad Evans Net Worth

Rashad Evans is a UFC legend who needs no introduction. But, did you ever wonder how much Rashad Evans net worth is? In today’s feature, we will take a detailed look at the UFC Hall of Fame inductee’s career earnings, highest-paid fights, and personal life. 

Rashad Evans Net Worth

Net Worth 2021$9,000,000 USD
Net Worth 2020$8,600,000 USD
Net Worth 2019$7,800,000 USD

Rashad Evans had fought in the UFC for no less than 13 years. After coming up through the ranks in The Ultimate Fighter, Evans took the UFC stage in 2006. In his first UFC bout, he defeated Sam Hoger in the UFC Ultimate Fight Night 4. 

However, the end of his career was far from ideal. In fact, he couldn’t win any of his last 5 bouts. Two of those five defeats came in the middleweight division. On the whole, he finished his 28 match career with 19 victories and 8 losses. 

The streak of defeats might have dented Evan’s legacy to some extent. But, on the financial side, Suga Evans remains one of the richest UFC fighters of all time. He has pocketed $4.6m his UFC bouts alone. He has accumulated a significant amount of wealth from endorsements too.

In 2008, Evans appeared in a Microsoft commercial. It was somewhat of a milestone event for the entire MMA industry. Because, back then, UFC and MMA were far away from the limelight of mainstream entertainment. 

Evans securing an endorsement deal from a giant like Microsoft had signalled the dawn of a new era. 

Currently, the 40-year-old has an approximate net worth of $8.6m. 

Rashad Evans Highest-Paid Fights

2008Forrest Griffin$130,000
2008Chuck Liddell$120,000
2010Quinton Jackson$410,000
2012Jon Bones Jones$400,000

Rashad Evans was involved in some of the most entertaining fights in UFC history. Here, we have highlighted the ones that have brought him the highest amount of money. 

Rashad Evans vs. Rampage Jackson (UFC 114, May 29, 2010)

After a year of bickering back and forth, Rashad Evans and Quinton Rampage Jackson finally let their hands do the talking. In this UFC 114 matchup, Rashad started strong in the opening moments. But, Jackson recouped well and dominated the third round. 

But, Evans survived the storming attacks and managed to deliver the decisive punch. Winning via unanimous decision, he secured a lifeline to recoup his light heavyweight title. The much-anticipated fight took place at the MGM Arena in Las Vegas.  

The former Ultimate Fighter coaches had regularly exchanged insults before the fight. So, the build-up to this fight was soaked with suspense. Evans grabbed a quick lead with a strong right-hand strike. It rattled Jackson, but he managed to stay on his feet. 

Towards the end of that round, Evans attempted a similar punch. But, he failed to ground Jackson again. However, he still closed the round with a 10-9 lead. He continued that strategy in the next round, but Jackson grew into the game and learned to cope with it better. 

Evans went on to win the second round too. But, Jackson had a better foothold of the fight by then. He took over the fight’s momentum. Nonetheless, Evans successfully managed to evade the onslaught with his agility. 

A powerful left hook did make him unsettled, but Evans stood strong and waited for his chance. A series of punches had almost won it for Jackson with the referee coming close to stop the game. Evans miraculously survived the assault and made it through the round. 

The fight ended 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28. Rashad Evans won via unanimous decision. 

Rashad Evans vs. Rampage Jackson Payout

Rashad Evans net Worth
Evans Vs Jackson

Evans received a hefty remuneration of $410,000 from the fight. On the other hand, his opponent Quinton Jackson received $250,000.  The fight had 1.05m PPV sales. Evans’s payout included a winning bonus of $185,000. 

Rashad Evans vs. Jon Jones (UFC 145, April 21, 2012)

Former light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans met the contemporary champion, Jon Jones, in UFC 145. A win would have ensured Evans taking the belt back home. Unfortunately for Evans, that did not happen as Jones defended his title convincingly.

The fight went to Jones’s favor via unanimous decision. The final scorecard read 50-45, 49-46, and 49-46. It was the third successive time Jones had defended his champion’s status. The win over Rashad Evans took his career record to 16-1.

None of the fighters had shown the same amount of aggression on the octagon, as they had in the press conferences. In stark contrast to their ore-fight banters, both of them cut a calm and composed figure in action. This strategy did take the fire out of the encounter.

That said, we must point out that this was one of the most dominant performances Jones had ever put on in his career. No, he did not demolish his combatant with sheer pace and fury. Yet, he never lost grasp of the fight and dictated the tempo of the bout throughout.

Jones’s exquisite use of his elbows had ultimately won the tie for him. Evans struggled continuously to nullify the threat of Jones’s elbow attacks. His brilliant hands to gauge distance technique persistently opened up cracks in Jones’s defense.

The loss took a heavy toll on Rashad Evans. It was only his second career defeat, but his future record suggests that it had hurt his spirits profoundly. Evans took part in 8 more bouts in his UFC career but won only two of them. He never managed to win back the title again.

Rashad Evans vs. Jon Jones Payout

Rashad Evans Vs Jon Jones
Rashad Evans Net Worth

Despite the demoralizing loss, Rashad Evans had a huge payday. Jon Jones made $400,000 from the fight. Evans got a check worth $300,000 for his participation. The Phillips Arena event had 700,000 PPV sales. 

Rashad Evans vs. Chuck Liddell (UFC 88, September 6, 2008)

Just before his UFC Light Heavyweight title win over Forrest Griffin, Evans had overpowered a former champion of the division in Chuck Liddell. The UFC 88 bout is arguable of the best Rashad Evans fight we have ever seen.

Evans was on the front foot throughout the bout. He had stunned the Iceman with his ferocity. Caught by surprise, Liddell could never work his way back into the fight. As a result, he had to suffer a premature loss as Evans settled the tie in the second half.

Evans had clearly done his homework on Liddell. He took up the right angles on the octagon so that he could block Liddell from unleashing his venomous right hand. However, Liddell did succeed in pulling off a strong strike just three minutes before the bell. 

But, Evans recovered instantly and retreated to a safe zone denying further window of opportunity to his opponent. He made the perfect response with a powerful kick on Liddel’s legs. Evans remained out of Liddel’s reach for the remainder of the round.

Liddell was banking on wearing out Evans and then imposing the finishing touch. Nevertheless, he had underestimated Evans’s stamina and work rate. As Evans was showing no signs of tiredness, Liddel became impatient and decided to become more aggressive.

Consequently, he became more exposed to Evans’s attack. As he launched a vicious uppercut to take down Evans, Liddell opened himself up. Evans escaped the punch, and he followed up with an equally vicious right-hand strike. The punch hit Liddell hard and knocked him out instantly.

The fight ended when the stopwatch had hit the 1:51 mark in the 2nd round. 

Rashad Evans vs. Chuck Liddell Payout

The Chuck Liddell fight was Rashad Evans’s breakthrough bout in the UFC. But, in terms of cash earnings, it was a modest one for the New Yorker. Evans made $120,000 from the fight. In contrast, Liddell left the arena with $500,000, thanks to a high guaranteed purse. The fight sold 480,000 PPVs.

Rashad Evans vs. Forrest Griffin (UFC 92, December 27, 2008)

UFC 92 had spawned the greatest night in Rashad Evans’s career. Evans emerged victorious in the showpiece event and became the light heavyweight champion. It was Evans’s 13th win in as many fights in his career.

A continuation of Evans’s invincible record was enough in securing his maiden light heavyweight belt. Therefore, there was no lack of motivation for the ex-Ultimate Fighter star going into this fight. But, it was far from an easy challenge.

Forrest Griffin, who held the belt back then, was a seasoned professional. He knew what it takes to excel when the stakes were that high. So, he took a stern test of his challenger throughout. Griffin’s larger body frame proved to be an advantage as Evans scuffled to get away from his advances.

In the first two rounds, Griffin made life difficult for Evans with repeated kicks and jabs. Chances to attack were like gold dust to Evans. But when he did find a rare attacking slot, he made full use of it. Such a moment came by in the third round. 

A low kick from Evans condemned Griffin to the canvas. The latter tried his best to get up, but Evans got on top of him. Then, he dispatched a barrage of punches to take out Griffin. The referee announced Evans as the winner after pausing the fight at 2:46.  

Rashad Evans vs. Forrest Griffin Payout

Besides the champion’s belt, Rashad Evans got a cash reward of $130,000. $65,000 of this money was his winning bonus. On the other hand, Griffin made $100,000 from the fight. The bout had reached the 1 million landmark in PPV sales. 

Rashad Evans Wife

As of this moment, Rashad Evans is not married. He was married from 2007 to 2012. LaToya, who was Rashad Evans wife for 5 years, had been dating Evans since their college days. They have a son (Rashad Jr) and a daughter (Nia).

Evans also has another daughter from one of his past relationships. Her name is Tajha. 

Rashad Evans Girlfriend

Currently, Rashad Evans is not seeing anyone.  He has always been private about his social life. So, we don’t know much about Rashad Evans girlfriend. But, all sources indicate that he is single at the moment. 

Rashad Evans Vegan

Is Rashad Evans vegan? Yes, he is. He has been maintaining a no-meat diet since 2018. In an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, the retired MMA fighter had revealed that taking mushrooms had prompted him to turn vegan.

He also said that going vegan has improved his quality of living substantially. 

Rashad Evan’s House

Rashad Evans Net worth & House
Rashad Evans Net Worth

He lives in Boca Raton, Florida. He bought a 3469 square feet mansion there in 2011 for $625,000. The house has four bedrooms, three giant bathrooms and a smaller one. The master bathroom features an indoor swimming pool with spa facilities. 

Final Say

Hopefully, you have found out all you wanted to know about Rashad Evans net worth reading this piece. Evans is one of the most successful UFC fighters of all time. But, the poor finish to his career leaves us wondering what he could have achieved further if he managed to retain his form a bit longer.

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