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Mike O’Hearn’s Wife – Mona Muresan (2023 Update)

Mike O'Hearn Wife

Mike ‘Titan’ O’Hearn, the famous ex-bodybuilder and fitness model, needs no introduction. However, the question on many people’s minds is who the modern-day Superhero is married to. 

In this article, we will examine who Mike O’Hearn’s wife is and look at her background and life. 

It is known that Mike is now in his second marriage, after a divorce with first wife, Меlіndа Міdајаh МсСullum. An ex-fitness model, wrestler and ex-professional wrestling manageress. However, since the split, Melinda has maintained a quiet life from the public eye. Also, her past career hasn’t been documented too much. 

Now currently married to Romanian-American fitness model Mona Muresan. 

Mona Muresan is also in the fitness industry with a notable career in fitness modelling, whilst competing in many competitions in the past. 

Mona Muresan’s Background

Born October 4th, 1975, in Romania, Mona and her family moved to America in 1992 when she was 16. Mona came from a disadvantaged background, and her family decided to move to the States to seek a better life. 

Mona spoke no English when moving to America, picking up the language from watching TV and talking with friends from her early years living in New York. She, however, became involved in American culture, where she found her passion for the fitness and hospitality industry. 

Mona didn’t pursue the conventional school or education route whilst living in America. However, at 17, she gained her first job working in a bar in Queens, New York, despite her being under the legal drinking age. 

From then, she was to focus her career in the hospitality industry, working in restaurants, till at the age of 24, after a lot of hard work and determination, she bought the restaurant in Manhattan she was working at. This restaurant is called the Nebraska Steakhouse, which she currently still runs today. 

Fitness was more of a side hobby and interest for Mona. However, It was the mutual interest and involvement in the bodybuilding industry where she met Mike O’Hearn and started building a vast amount of wealth together. They used to cross paths at expos and competitions till they eventually hit it off. 

Mona also used to run Muscle & Fitness Hers, being seen on magazine covers and organizing the models for shoots. This, along with many competitions, is what made her become heavily involved in the fitness world. 

Mona Muresan’s Competition Awards 

Mona took training and fitness severe to the point she would start to compete in many competitions throughout her career. Furthermore, by entering contests mainly under the Figure category, where she was to become an International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Figure Pro. Below is a list of her other notable achievements:

  • 6th Place – IFBB North American Championships, Figure: Class E (2008)
  • 2nd Place – IFBB North American Championships, Figure: Class E (2009)
  • 3rd Place – Atlantic States Championships, Figure: Class C (2009)
  • Pro card – Team Universe (2010)
  • 1st Place – Team Universe, Figure: Class E (2010)
  • 1st Place – Jr National Championships, Figure: Class E (2010)
  • 7th Place – Sheru Classic, Women Figure: IFBB Pro Figure (2011)
  • 9th Place – Pittsburgh Pro Figure & Bikini Championship, Figure Class (2011)
  • 10th Place – New York Pro Championships, Open Figure (2011)
  • 10th Place – New York Pro Championships, Figure: IFBB Pro Figure (2012)
  • 6th Place – IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow, Fitness/ Figure (2012)
  • 9th Place – Omaha Pro Figure (2012)

Mona’s Personal Life

Mike O'Hearn's Wife - Mona Muresan (Fitness Model)

In March 2019, Mona and Mike had their first child, named Titan. They live happily together with their three dogs, all living a very active family life.  

She still stays very productive, just like her husband, Mike. Looking after her Manhattan restaurant, training and being a mother must be a very demanding lifestyle. Along with her health and fitness business that Mike and she own together called Titan Series.

Mona’s Social Media & Online Status

Mona keeps up with the Social Media trend, keeping herself actively in the public eye with 7.6k followers on Facebook and 68.7k followers on Instagram. 

She is very open about her family life and fitness, posting many pictures of her son Titan and husband, Mike. 

She also promotes her side business Titan Series. Which is health and fitness plans, encouraging people to become part of the ‘Titan Crew’, showing their incredible body transformation results from their subscriptions.  


In conclusion, Mike ‘Titan’ O’Hearn, the renowned ex-bodybuilder and fitness model, is now happily married to Mona Muresan, a successful Romanian-American fitness model with an impressive background in the fitness industry. Mona’s journey from a disadvantaged background to becoming an IFBB Figure Pro and a thriving entrepreneur is truly inspiring.

Together with Mike, Mona has built a prosperous fitness business called Titan Series, promoting health and fitness plans that have garnered a dedicated following. As a dedicated mother to their son Titan and a diligent manager of her Manhattan restaurant, Mona’s life is a balance of family, career, and fitness passion.

With an active presence on social media, Mona shares glimpses of her family life and fitness journey, engaging with thousands of followers who are inspired by her dedication and transformations achieved through the ‘Titan Crew.’ As they continue their journey together, Mona and Mike exemplify the true essence of a power couple, uplifting and motivating others to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle.

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