Sadio Mane Salary & Net Worth

Sadio Mane Salary & Net Worth

What is Sadio Mane net worth? What is Sadio Mane salary per week? We’ll explore those avenues today. Sadio Mane has emerged as one of the best footballers under Jurgen Klopp’s tutelage at Liverpool.

Mane’s success as a footballer has earned him a substantial amount of wealth. The Senegalese footballer is famous for his modest lifestyle and charity work. 

In recent seasons, other European powerhouses have tried to lure him away from Anfield. So, one can predict that Sadio Mane salary at Liverpool is lucrative enough to incentivise him to stay. 

But, as we would find out in the following sections, he doesn’t prioritise money above all. He is a humble person who stays loyal to his roots and loves to give back to society as much as he can. 

Sadio Mane Wages

Sadio Mane barely missed out on the Ballon d’Or top four in 2019 and won the African Player of the Year honour. But, he failed to break into the top 20 list of the world’s wealthiest footballers. 

The Senegal international currently makes £100,000 weekly after signing his new contract in 2018. This is an improvement over his previous Liverpool deal, under which he made £100,000-a week. 

The numbers mentioned here are post-tax numbers, so that you might see higher numbers elsewhere. So, he makes more than £7 million a year playing for Liverpool. 

But, even that amount of money couldn’t earn him a place in the world’s top 20 richest footballers list. Although he is not the highest earner in his club, he lags well behind his attacking partner Mohamed Salah. 

Liverpool understands that their Senagaluese talisman is somewhat underpaid. So, they have offered him a new contract, even though his current one would keep him at the club till 2023. 

If he agrees to new terms, he would be making  £230,000-a week, which translates to a figure north of  £11 million per year. The deal will keep him at the club for 2025.

Mane, however, is not in a hurry to sign. The contract offer was made in 2019, but he is yet to respond to it. The team’s ambitions and his part in it seem to be his preference over wage demands. 

Sadio Mane Net Worth: £32m

Sadio Mane Net Worth 2021£32 million
Sadio Mane Net Worth 2020£20 million
Sadio Mane Net Worth 2019£16 million

Childhood & Trials

Sadio Mane was born in 1992 in a village named Bambali in Senegal. His parents were far from affluent, so they sent Mane to live with his uncle. Because of financial limitations, Mane was deprived of school education. 

Mane’s 500-mile journey to the Senegalese capital of Dakar to live with his uncle proved to be the defining moment of his life. He trialled for a local club, got picked up, and never looked back. 

Before attending trials, Mane didn’t have proper football boots and shorts. He used to play on the street barefoot, wearing old, torn shorts. He didn’t always have the privilege to play with a decent ball as well. 

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Sadio Mane Salary History

Sadio Mane’s first professional contract in Europe was at RB Salzburg. He used to make €50,000 per month playing for the Austrian Bundesliga side. After two years at the club, he moved to Southampton in 2014. 

The winger was a hit at St.Mary’s. He spent two years there, played 67 matches for the club and had a prolific return of 21 goals. This prompted Liverpool to make a move for him in 2016. 

At Southampton, Sadio Mane salary per week was higher than that of RB Salzburg. He made almost double the money compared to his Salzburg days, as he earned £90,000 per month. 

When he switched the Red and White of Southampton for the plain Red of Liverpool, Mane salary per week in Liverpool (£100,000) was more than his salary in a month at Southampton. 

Sadio Mane Endorsements 

Sadio Mane has been the face for New Balance for quite some time now. Recently, there were rumours suggesting the Liverpool ace could sign for Nike, but he put that to bed debuting New Balance’s 20/21 silos. 

Some reports also claimed that Puma is desperate to offer him an eight-figure deal. That means the contract would bring in at least £10 million for Mane. 

However, Mane remains committed to New Balance. As Nike replaced New Balance in recent years as Liverpool’s kit supplier, they would push for the Liverpool number 11’s signature as well. But, Mane is still NB’s. 

While in 2018, Mane appeared in a Western Union advertisement. There, he demonstrated how easy it is to transfer funds via the platform as he sent money to his uncle in Senegal from the UK. 

That same year, Mane also became the tourism ambassador of Indonesia. As part of the arrangement, Mane would be promoting the tourism industry of the South East Asian nation. 

Business Ventures

Sadio Mane has his own merchandises like clothing, phone cases and other items. But, he does not have a dedicated platform, and the sales go through Amazon. 

The 28-year-old trademarked his own name in 2020 and is set to make millions from image rights and merchandise sales. He can also earn millions through social media making promotional posts. 

Sadio Mane House

After signing for Liverpool in 2016, Mane bought a house in Allerton, Liverpool. It set him back around $2 million.  The house got notoriously raided by burglars in 2019. 

Mane was away in Munich for the Reds’ Champions League tie with the Bavarians at that time. The robbers stole watches, cell phones, and car keys. 


Sadio Mane is a practising Muslim. Once he was asked in an interview how often he and his family went to church. Mane replied that his family is Muslim and joyfully added that meant they barely went to church. 

In 2018, a video went viral that showed Mane was cleaning the toilet of a local mosque in Birmingham. Mane reacted that the video felt a breach of privacy, even though it portrayed him as an incredibly humble person.

The imam of the mosque told BBC that Mane drives there in a “not so fancy” car, despite having way more expensive cars lying around in his garage. 

For his faith, Mane doesn’t consume alcohol. He doesn’t have any tattoos in his body either. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp revealed that Mane leaves the practice in a rush on Fridays to catch the Jummah prayers.

Sadio Mane Cars

Sadio Mane once famously said that he doesn’t need to own 10 Ferraris. There are no Ferraris in his garage either. But, he does have some expensive cars.

A $200k Bentley Continental GT is the highlight of Mane’s car collection. He frequently drives the car and has been pictured multiple times in it. He also drives a Range Rover Evoque. 

Other than the Bentley Continental and the Range Rover, he also owns an Audi RS 7. The German car comes with a $120,000 price tag. A Mercedes G63 AMG also accentuates his car collection. 

Wife & Girlfriends

Sadio Mane is a very private person, who likes to live his life away from the limelight. So, very little is known about his romantic life. However, we understand that he is not yet married. 

Sadio Mane Charity

Sadio Mane’s journey from rags to riches is complete. But, he didn’t forget the early struggles of his life and decided to help as much as he can to make the lives of the less privileged better. 

He has publicly expressed many times that he would rather donate to charity rather than using all of his resources to live the life of Riley. And he followed up on that promise.

Mane has transformed the lives of the inhabitants of his native village Bambaly. He donated £250,000 to build a school there. He also financed the construction of a hospital there. 

Mane explained that there was a personal reason behind financing the hospital. He revealed that his sister had to be delivered at home since there was no hospital around. 

As a child, Mane understood the suffering of his people and recognised how important it is to have a hospital in the vicinity. That’s why he decided to bankroll the hospital in his village. 

As the coronavirus ran riot throughout the global economy, many African economies were hit hard. Senegal was not an exception either and many people lost their source of income. 

Mane donated £41,000 as Covid funds to aid the distressed populace of his country. Mane also pays a monthly allowance of €70 per person to a section of people living in poor regions of his country. 

Sadio Mane Documentary

A documentary on Sadio Mane came out in April 2020 on Rakuten TV. Entitled “Made in Senegal”, it takes an in-depth look at Mane’s evolution from a street footballer to one of Europe’s elites. 

It also sheds light on Mane’s off the pitch pursuits and his future plans. It is a diverse adventure that will take you from the simplicity of rural Africa to the opulence of urban Europe. 

Mane narrates the documentary himself and guides the viewer through various passages of his life. Mane talks about life in Liverpool, his current manager, teammate and many more aspects of his career. 

Final Say

Hopefully, this article helped answer all your Sadio Mane salary & net worth queries. Sadio Mane net worth will continue to rise as he reaches the prime of his career. 

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