Jake Paul IS Considering MMA Switch

Youtuber Jake Paul

Paul has certainly been making headlines over the years. Sometimes not for the best reasons, but it’s challenging to go a week without hearing his name in the news since he struck YouTube fame. Since his foray into the world of boxing, he’s decided to take the sport seriously.

And the latest news is that he is genuinely considering taking off the gloves (which he hasn’t had on for long) and high kicking his way to MMA success. But is this just another publicity stunt to keep him relevant? Does he want to get more fans from a different realm? Indeed, it’s all about the ‘likes’ and fame when it comes to YouTubers. 

So, who is Jake Paul?

The state of celebrity has changed since the advancement of social media. People are doing whatever they can on YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok to get people following them and liking their videos.

Back in the days when Vine was a popular channel, Jake Paul was one of the most prominent people to follow. Sharing bite-size videos with a comedy spin to it, he started rising to fame just from these little video snippets. Then it was on to bigger things, landing a role on Bizaardvark on the Disney Channel.

He carried on starring in this while still making YouTube videos, though not without garnering controversy for his risky stunts and sexually suggestive behaviour. Of course, this led him to be fired from the Disney show and have charges brought against him. 

But everybody needs a ‘bad boy’ to love (or love to hate). And Jake Paul was ticking all these boxes. He is a good-looking man who was gaining fans worldwide from his different shows and social media videos.

So, when he decided to enter the world of boxing in 2018, people were rooting for and against him. A YouTuber was trying their hand at one of the world’s most violent sports. Pah, he stood no chance. However, he knocked out his competitor in his first match in the fifth round.

But then again, his first competitor, Deji Olatunji, was also a pro-YouTuber. So, was anyone going to take this bout seriously? It felt like a charity match when two celebrities from different arenas try their hand at boxing. But Jake Paul wasn’t just doing this to get more views; he was serious about boxing, later turning pro and beating another YouTuber, AnEsonGib, via TKO in the first round.

You’ve got to start somewhere, but Jake Paul’s matches since have been against retired basketballer Nate Robinson and retired mixed martial artist Ben Askren. As well as the fight against former UFC champion Tyron Woodley. It all does seem impressive if you look at the stats on paper, with Jake Paul knocking out his competition. But his competition is also either retired or fellow YouTubers. But then that also seems to be happening a lot in sports these days.

Switch Sports, Retire, Enter the Ring Again

Nobody likes to stay down for long, primarily UFC and MMA fighters, who are always eager to get back into the fray. And even if a sportsperson has perfected one sport, it doesn’t take them long to move on to another.

Even Michael Jordan switched from basketball to baseball to basketball again. Though less physical than the likes of Brock Lesnar, who moves from WWE to UFC, or Ronda Rousey, who joined WWE. Even Connor McGregor tried his hand at boxing against Floyd Merryweather Jr.

This only helps send the bookies into a frenzy as you never know what to expect. So, while Jake Paul has told Fox Business that a future MMA match could be on the cards, it’s likely that his rival won’t be someone coming out of retirement. (Unless it’s a boxing match with Floyd Merryweather – he loves doing that). But it would provide some gripping MMA action to see Jake Paul entering the cage.

There’s footage online of him perfecting his kicking technique, and he’s been in talks with the MMA promotion Professional Fighters League about it. He’s also already been involved in something of a social media spat with Conor McGregor.

What’s Next?

As a spectator, it’s always good to see new contestants enter the cage. Even better if it’s an arrogant YouTuber that you want to see put in their place. However, Jake Paul does seem to be taking his boxing career seriously, and we all know it’s not up to him to pick who he fights. In the MMA world, he might be up against better competition. Which way would you bet? Has he got what it takes to master the cage and prove his worth? Or is it a sure bet he’ll smashed?

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