Phil Jones & His Infamous Funny Face

phil jones gurning

Phil Jones and his funny face were back in the spotlight this week, but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. The Man United defender was an unused substitute for the latest game in Manchester.

While sitting on the bench with Ed Woodward, he was caught mid gurn totally unaware by the cameraman. Top marks for the cameraman too, couldn’t have caught it at a better time!

Google and the internet are now littered with images and videos of Phil and his infamous funny face.

It’s not exactly fresh news, but just as it starts to disappear a little, he’s caught red-faced and mid-gurn once again.

Check out the classic picture below, I think this was the actual picture that started it. Amazing!!

Classic Phil Jones Funny Face

phil jones gurn face

The 28-year-old also confessed in a recent interview that his close friends send him pictures of his funny face via WhatsApp late at night.

He also went on to say, it’s all just a bit of fun and games, banter between the lads! None of us takes it too seriously.

Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling joined in on the banter. After playing one night in Europe, he found some gurn pics of himself and tweeted “Phil Jones would be proud”.

Of course, it didn’t take too long before the funny images went viral, Check out all the shares and likes, poor Jonesy!

Raheem Sterling gave some friendly banter against his rival club.
Friendly Banter From Sterling…. Not bad

Besides, it’s good to see some banter between lads, even more so being arch-rivals on the pitch. Off the pitch looks like they like to joke around and not take things too seriously.

With all the political correctness around these days, it’s refreshing to see. I’m sure if Sir Alex Ferguson was in the dressing room, things would be slightly different.

Last Laugh

I’m sure Phil will be having the last laugh though, a reported net worth of £18 million. A senior player at one of the biggest and most decorated clubs in the world, that will continue until 2023. Unless his contract gets extends beyond. Plenty of England caps and with a super hot girlfriend, life seems to have been rather gentle.

A solid record that will have spanned for 10 years by the time his contract expires in 2 years. Extraordinary spending 10 years at the same club this day and age, it’s an achievement itself. Plus Old Trafford hasn’t really been the steadiest of ships in recent times. Their one man-manager philosophy seemed to evaporate when Fergie retired.

Phil Jones Trophy Cabinet

  • Premier League x1
  • FA Cup x1
  • League Cup x1
  • Europa League Cup x1
  • English Super Cup x2
  • U21 Premier League x1
Phil Jones & Chris Smalling Premier League Winners For Manchester United

Watch the video and let us know what you think in the comments below. Maybe when he retires we will make a big gurn compilation of all the footage and images collected.

I’m sure there will be more coming to light over the next few seasons.

Latest Phil Jones Gurn Face

Phil Jones Face time

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