Paul Gascoigne Wife (Sheryl Gascoigne) And Family

Paul Gascoigne Wife

Paul Gascoigne gave birth to some of the most exciting moments of all time in the history of English football. But, we are not here today to talk about Gazza’s vibrant career as a footballer. This article will focus on Paul Gascoigne’s wife and family. 

In 1996, the former Tottenham ace tied knots with Sheryl Gascoigne, whom he had dated for years. But, the relationship met a premature ending as Gascoigne was going through a midlife crisis. So, what had happened that led two people being in love for so long to walk their separate ways? 

We will also shed light on Gascoigne’s children. Paul Gascoigne’s daughter Bianca is a British model and TV personality. She is famous for her sixth-place finish in Channel 5’s hit reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother. He also has two sons. 

In the following paragraphs, we will go over all the aforementioned facts in more detail. If you are curious to know about Paul Gascoigne’s personal life then you have stumbled upon the perfect article. So without further ado, let’s get the ball rolling. 

Paul Gascoigne Wife – Sheryl Gascoigne

Paul Gascoigne's Wife (ex)

Paul Gascoigne’s wife’s name is Sheryl Gascoigne. Currently, Sheryl is a media personality and author. But, it was her relationship with Gazza that catapulted her to fame. She was married to Gascoigne for seventeen months before filing for a divorce in 1998. 

Sheryl brought allegations of physical assault against her former husband and cited it as the primary reason for their divorce. However, domestic violence was a mainstay in their relationship long before the two got married. 

Sheryl and Gascoigne started to go out in 1990. The couple met in a bar and hit it off instantly. Sheryl was coming off a divorce as she drew an end to her relationship with her ex-husband Colin Kyle, who is the father of her children Mason and Bianca. 

Sheryl alleged the beating started from the very beginning. But, Gascoigne would apologize to her afterwards and showered her with gifts. He promised to her countless times that it won’t happen again, but alcoholism got the better of him, and violence got established as a recurring theme. 

Four years into their relationship, Gascoigne admitted in an interview that he beats Sheryl regularly. He professed his alcohol addiction and vowed that he is trying to beat the demons. But, Gascoigne failed to turn over a new leaf and salvage his marriage. 

Despite ending their marriage in 1998, the couple kept in touch with each other. In her book Stronger: My Life Surviving Gazza, Sheryl revealed that she was sexually involved with Gascoigne till 2005. She is currently single. 

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Sheryl Gascoigne Net Worth & Age

Sheryl Gascoigne wrote a book detailing her turbulent times with Gascoigne. The 2009 book entitled Stronger: My Life Surviving Gazza was a huge hit in England. It sparked a lot of controversy, but it was a massive financial success. 

Sheryl receives £120,000 per year from her ex-husband as settlement money. She also received a lump sum payment of £700,000 in 1999 after the divorce. The mother of three also retained possession of the couple’s house in Hertfordshire, which was valued  at £300,000 at that time. 

Moreover, she got to keep jewelry worth several hundred thousand pounds. She also kept hold of two cars-a Jaguar (£45,000) and a Range Rover (£40,000). During the divorce litigation, Sheryl had to put her house up for sale to fund the legal proceedings. 

Sheryl has appeared in British television on several occasions. She briefly hosted Loose Women on ITV, which was a celebrity talk show. In 2010, she made her reality TV debut in I’m a Celebrity Get…Me Out Of Here! Other than that, she also appeared in some documentaries. 

Sheryl Gascoigne currently has a net worth of £5 million. She was born in 1965, which makes her 56 years old in 2021. 

Paul Gascoigne Daughter

Gascoigne adapted both of Sheryl’s children from her previous marriage. Bianca Gascoigne, was born as Bianca Kyle, but she took on Gascoigne’s surname after the former England international adopted her and her brother Mason. 

Bianca made a remarkable start to her TV career as she was named the champion of British reality TV show Love Island in 2006. She appeared on the cover of men’s lifestyle magazine Loaded in 2007, a few months before celebrating her 20th birthday. 

Bianca’s profile as a glamour model continued to expand as she posed for Nuts,Zoo, Maxim, and FHM later. She also kept up her reality TV lucky streak when she participated on Gladiators in 2008. She won against former Miss Britain Danielle Lloyd and donated the proceeds to charity. 

Like her mother, Bianca Gascoigne has been vocal against domestic violence. She has supported several charity initiatives aimed towards raising awareness against domestic violence and aiding domestic violence victims. 

After making a string of appearances in reality TV shows, Bianca set her eyes on a musical career. In 2012, she auditioned for the ninth season of musical talent finding show The X Factor. However, her take on Mary J Blige’s I’m Goin’ Down was unsuccessful to grant her a ticket to the show.

Bianca Gascoigne has a net worth of £2.4 million. She was estranged with Paul Gascoigne in the years after Sheryl and his divorce. However, in recent years, she has patched up her relationship with her stepdad. They are often seen enjoying lunch and dinner together. 

Sons – Mason Gascoigne

No Paul Gascoigne wife and family feature would be complete without covering his sons. Gascoigne’s stepson Mason is four years younger than Bianca. Gascoigne’s biological son Regan Gascoigne is six years younger than Mason. 

Both Mason and Regan have featured in reality TV. Regan famously came out as a bisexual in a live TV interview and was praised for his courageous move. Mason became a father in 2020 and made Paul Gascoigne a grandfather for the first time. 

Paul Gascoigne Girlfriend

Paul Gascoigne is currently dating Sara Lovett, an art gallery executive and mother of two. Sara, who is two years younger than Gascoigne, lived with Paul Gascoigne during the nationwide coronavirus lockdown in the United Kingdom. 

Final Say

That’s a wrap on our Paul Gascoigne wife and family piece. Hopefully, you found all you wanted to know about the personal life of the enigmatic Gazza.

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