A Closer Look At Shakur Stevenson’s Relationships & Girlfriends (2023 Update)

Shakur Stevenson's Girlfriend

Shakur Stevenson is a young talent, an upcoming superstar inside and outside the ring. This will undoubtedly attract a lot of female attention within the entertainment world. That being said, let’s look at his history of relationships and who is currently Shakur Stevenson’s girlfriend as of now.

From what we know, Shakur has had two significant recent girlfriends that have been in the public eye with him. His ex-girlfriend Jajaira Gonzalez and his more recent girlfriend and female rapper Michelle Ragston, a.k.a Young Lyric.

Does the name Gonzalez sound familiar? She is the sister of Joet Gonzalez, whom Stevenson had beaten to get hold of the WBC Featherweight belt. Jajaira is no stranger to the ring herself and is a former Youth Olympics gold medallist.

The couple met for the first time in 2013 at the Junior World Team Open in 2013. However, they didn’t start properly talking until 2015, when Jajaira suffered a demoralizing defeat at the Olympic trials and had to bid her Olympic ambitions goodbye.

Jajaira signed up for the US Army in 2016, but she didn’t hang up her gloves. She still fights for the US Army boxing team. She started dating Stevenson in 2016 and unfortunately lasted only a few years until he found his next relationship. The reason for their split is unclear, but my guess would be their full-time training regime and Gonzalez’s army commitments.

It didn’t take long for Shakur to find his latest flame, which is quite the opposite of his ex Gonzalez. Michelle Ragstone, mainly known by her fans as Young Lyric.

Shakur Stevenson’s Girlfriend – Michelle Ragston AKA Young Lyric

Michelle Ragston, from Houston, Texas, is a well-known rapper, musician, and online personality who has collaborated with some top famous musicians and producers, including Lil Wayne, Drake, and Jermaine Dupri, for honorable mentions. According to sources, it is noted that Michelle was born into a musical family. As a result, she decided to pursue her rap career out of it, where she was a contestant on series 1 of the TV show, The Rap Game, with other aspiring rappers that compete to earn a record label contract. She was unfortunate not to win in the show; however, this activated and pushed her rap career.

Young Lyric was at the age of 7 when she recorded her first song. The now 20year old has flourished within the music industry, boasting an extensive collection of released music and remixes whilst also offering a lot of free content to fans on her website

Lyric remains highly active on social media, with a vast following of 1.6million followers on Instagram. She promotes her entertainment lifestyle with pictures uploaded with boyfriend Shakur of their outings together. They are both very open about their relationship on their social media pages.

It is unknown where and when Shakur Stevenson and Young Lyric first met, but from their history on social media images and rumoured Snapchat videos, their relationship has been ongoing since November/ December 2020.

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