Shakur Stevenson Net Worth, Career & Fight Purse

Shakur Stevenson Net Worth

Shakur Stevenson net worth indicates he is already a superstar in and out of the ring. Because not every boxer draws comparisons to an icon like Floyd Mayweather at the age of 23, but Shakur Stevenson is not a run-of-the-mill young talent trying to make his way into the boxing scene. 

Shakur Stevenson record as a boxer is impeccable. As of writing, he has won all 15 of the bouts he fought in and has already tasted the sweet taste of winning a WBO featherweight title. Critics hail the Rio Olympic silver medallist for his impressive attacking and defensive skills. 

Being considered the mirror image of one of the best boxers in history is a huge honour. Still, his early success points towards a possibility that he might even transcend the big names with whom people are comparing him right now. 

In today’s article, we will see how a New Jersey kid became the next big thing in boxing. We will talk about Shakur Stevenson net worth, his career, and many more. So, if you are a fan of The Fearless, take a few minutes and give this a read. You won’t be disappointed. 

Shakur Stevenson Net Worth

Net Worth 2021$4,500,000
Net Worth 2021$3,800,000
Net Worth 2020$2,000,000
Net Worth 2019$1,500,000

Shakur Stevenson in 2021 is around $2,300,000. His first professional win saw him make $20,000 in total. As he worked his way up the ranks his winnings also increased in size. He had a guaranteed purse of half a million dollars in his fight against Toka Khan Clary. 

He ended up taking home more than $500,000 as he pocketed winning bonuses and PPV money. Stevenson had a guaranteed purse of $400,000 for his fight against Felix Caraballo. He also made more than $150,000 for defeating Joet Gonzalez. 

Despite his emergence as a boxing prodigy, Shakur Stevenson doesn’t have a large portfolio of sponsors. Before the 2016 Olympics, he appeared in a Powerade commercial. Other than that, he didn’t promote any big name brands.

Shakur Stevenson Purse & Fight History

2017WinEdgar Brito $20,000
2018WinRoxberg Patrick Riley$20,000
2018WinAelio Mesquita$20,000
2018WinCarlos Ruiz$20,000
2018WinViorel Simion$25,000
2019WinJessie Rosales$50,000
2019WinChristopher Diaz$50,000
2019WinAlberto Guevara$100,000
2019WinJoet Gonzalez$150,000
2020WinFelix Caraballo$400,000
2020WinToka Kahn Clary$500,000
2021WinJeremia Nakathila$1,500,000
2021WinJamel Herring $1,500,000

Shakur Stevenson Pro Debut

Shakur Stevenson pro debut was in 2017, he also enjoyed a successful stint as an amateur boxer. He won the 2014 AIBA Youth World Championship in Sofia, Bulgaria. His list of honours also features a Youth Olympic 2014 gold medal.

In 2015, he won the Senior Olympic trials for the United States and went to Rio de Janeiro in 2016 to represent his country. However, he couldn’t bag the gold medal this time around as he lost the gold medal match to Cuban boxer Robeisy Ramirez. 

On February 9, 2017, he penned a pro contract with Bob Arum and Jabir Herbert Muhammad’s promotional company Top Rank. Afterwards, he appointed former WBA and WBC champion Andre Ward, who is still serving as his manager. 

Shakur Stevenson made his pro debut against Edgar Brito at the StubHub Centre in California on April 22, 2017. Stevenson claimed victory in the fifth round via technical knockout. Brito sustained a cut over his left eye, trying to headbutt Stevenson during the fight. 

Floyd Mayweather on Shakur

Shakur Stevenson earned the “Southpaw Floyd Mayweather”  moniker quite early in his career. Floyd Mayweater Jr. himself took note of this and scouted him as a future recruit for his promotional company. He flew to Rio de Janeiro during the 2016 Olympics to secure Stevenson’s signing. 

In fact, a day after Stevenson’s gold medal triumph, a feat even Mayweather couldn’t achieve in his illustrious career, the former world champion announced that Shakur Stevenson is now a client of Mayweather Promotions. 

However, no official word came from the Shakur Stevenson camp and a few days later Stevenson declared that he has signed with Top Rank and is going to work alongside his childhood inspiration Andre Ward. Reportedly, Mayweather was left shellshocked at this decision. 

Floyd Mayweather and Shakur Stevenson had gone out for dinner in Rio and discussed the prospects of a future relationship. Mayweather believed that he had done enough to convince Stevenson, but he was surprised to find out that the young boxer was still negotiating with other parties. 

“Floyd Mayweather, to be honest, he basically hyped me up to think I was on his list and when the time came they didn’t really send no paperwork or nothing, so he was never really an option,”

“He was all talk. It was very disappointing because of the fact that I looked up to him and I felt he was one of the greatest boxers that ever lived. So it was really disappointing. But it is what it is and everything happens for a reason. I’m ready to turn the page.”

Stevenson opened up on the Mayweather offer in a 2020 interview with 

Shakur Stevenson Signing Bonus

Shakur Stevenson signing bonus at Top Rank was never made public. But, four times US champion and present-day promoter Eric Kelly revealed that Stevenson declined a check worth no less than $2m from Floyd Mayweather to join Top Rank.

The word on the street is Top Rank offered far less money to add Stevenson to their roaster. But, he couldn’t resist the urge to work with one of his childhood heroes, Andre Ward. Reportedly, Shakur Stevenson’s signing bonus at Top Rank was $800,000. 

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Shakur Stevenson Record

As of writing, Shakur Stevenson can take pride in having an invincible record. He has fought 15 professional bouts so far and has won in every single one of those. 8 of his 15 victories came from knockouts. Before the Olympic loss to Ramirez, he was unbeaten as a junior boxer as well. 

On January 18, 2019, Stevenson won the IBH Inter-Continental and WBC Continental Americas titles defeating Filipino boxer, Jessie Cris Rosales. Nine months later, he won the WBO featherweight title, beating his compatriot Joet Gonzalez in Reno, Nevada. 

In his latest fight, the WBO featherweight champion dominated Toka Khan Clary in a 10-round affair. He made 151 successful punches and landed 64 body shots. Clary managed to land only 48 of his punches, which portrays the perfect scenery of his struggles inside the ring. 

This was a junior lightweight fight. Stevenson had expressed his desire multiple times to compete in lighter weight divisions. His effortless win against Clary indicates that he can replicate his success in those weight groups too. 

Shakur Stevenson Girlfriend

Shakur Stevenson is dating Jajaira Gonzalez. Does the name Gonzalez sound familiar? She is the sister of Joet Gonzalez, whom Stevenson had beaten to get hold of the WBC Featherweight belt. Jajaira is no stranger to the ring herself and is a former Youth Olympics gold medallist. 

The couple met for the first time in 2013 at the Junior World Team Open in 2013. However, they didn’t start talking frequently until 2015, when Jajaira suffered a demoralising defeat at the Olympic trials and had to bid her Olympic ambitions goodbye. 

Jajaira signed up for the US Army in 2016, but she didn’t hang up her gloves. She still fights for the US Army boxing team. She started dating Stevenson in 2016 and still maintains her romantic involvement with him. Shakur Stevenson never dated anyone before Jajaira Gonzalez. 

Tupac Shakur and Shakur Stevenson Related?

No, Shakur Stevenson has no family ties with celebrity rapper Tupac Shakur but he and his family are huge fans of the American Award-winning hip-hop artist. His mother named him after Tupac Shakur and Shakur Stevenson himself named Tupac Shakur as an ‘’inspiration.’’

Shakur Stevenson Charity

Shakur Stevenson partnered up with boxing veteran Wali Moses, who boasts a Hall of Fame place, to launch the Stevenson & Moses Boxing for Life foundation. The foundation sets its sight to promote boxing as a tool for encouraging discipline and morality among the youth. 

Final Say

Shakur Stevenson is a boxing genius. His combination of offensive and defensive attributes justifies the hype around him. We are confident that he will become more successful in the coming years, and Shakur Stevenson net worth will increase by manifold as well.

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