Tim Henman’s Wife, Family, And House

Tin Henman's wedding photo to Lucy Heald

Tim Henman is one of the shiniest stars in British tennis. Before retiring, he had 15 ATP singles titles to his name. But we will not talk about his glittering career today. We will feature the Oxford-natives wife and family life in this piece. Who’s Tim Henman’s wife? How many children does he have? We will disclose all that here. 

Tim Henman’s Wife – Lucy Heald

Tim Henman’s wife is Lucy Heald. She is a UK TV personality and has been Henman’s better half since 1999. Heald primarily works as a TV producer. She has produced several TV films and series. But, she is most famous as Tim Henman’s wife. 

Tim and Lucy met for the first time in 1996. Lucy interviewed Tim to make a documentary about him. They became close over the next couple of months. Three years down the road, they tied the knot. 

Lucy was born in 1973, which means she is a year older than her husband. Bill, her professor father, and Denise, her mother, raised her in their £250,000 Hampshire house. 

Lucy, like Tim, attended a private school, Farnborough Hill, where she earned 10 GCSEs and three A-levels. She went on to “Sloane central university” in Durham to study social sciences.

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Tim Henman Marriage 

Tim Henman and Lucy Heald married at All Saint Church in Odiham, Hampshire. Although it was a private service for family and friends, almost 50 Tim Hanman fans gathered outside the chapel to greet the newlyweds.

Celebrity publications offered the newlyweds up to £250,000 for exclusive rights to photos from the wedding, but the couple declined.

Lucy had donned a white v-necked ankle-length gown with a silver tiara and a blue and silver diamond necklace. After the wedding, the happy couple and their guests attended a reception at the Heald family house in Odiham. The location of Mr and Mrs Henman’s honeymoon wasn’t disclosed. 

Lucy and Tim got engaged in July and exchanged vows in December that year. 

The wedding took place weeks after Henman’s rival Greg Rusedski married his longtime partner Lucy Conor. Henman did not invite Rusedski to his wedding. He had also turned down an invitation to attend Rusedski’s special day. 

Tim Henman Family 

Henman was born the youngest of three boys in a household of three in Oxford, Oxfordshire. 

Anthony Henman, a solicitor, excelled in various sports, including tennis, hockey, and squash. 

Tim and his elder brothers, Michael and Richard, were introduced to tennis by his mother, Jane, a dress designer, as soon as they could walk on the family’s grass tennis court. 

His great-grandfather was a Wimbledon champion. 

Henry Billington, his maternal grandfather, played at Wimbledon from 1948 to 1951 and represented Great Britain in the Davis Cup in 1948, 1950, and 1951. 

Ellen Stanwell-Brown, his maternal great-grandmother, is said to have been the first woman to serve overarm at Wimbledon in 1901. 

Susan Billington, his maternal grandmother, played mixed doubles on Centre Court with her husband Henry in the 1950s, reaching the third round of the ladies’ doubles in 1951, 1955, and 1956.

Henman grew up in Weston-on-the-Green, Oxfordshire, a community of roughly 500 people located between Oxford and Bicester. 

Henman began playing tennis with a shorter squash racquet when he was three on their family grass tennis court. He was already teaching himself how to serve and volley at this point. 

Henman decided early in his youth that if he failed in tennis, he would become a golfer instead.

Tim Henman Children 

Tim and Lucy have three daughters together. Their first daughter Rose was born in 2003. Olivia joined the family two years later. In 2008, Grace, the couple’s youngest daughter, was born. 

In their early childhood years, Tim tried his best to convince his daughters to enjoy outdoor activities more than spending their time indoors and playing video games. They played tennis, hockey, netball and even practised gymnastics growing up. 

Tim strongly disapproves of parents allowing their children to become more “digitally addicted” to smart devices. He is a strong proponent of limiting children’s time in front of mobile phones, computers, and consoles. 

In 2015, he joined the Great Robinsons Ball Hunt with all three of his daughters to influence parents to encourage their kids to embrace a more active lifestyle. As part of the event, multiple tennis balls were hidden throughout the country, and the contestants were asked to find them. Their only clue was that the locations are closely related to Wimbledon. 

Tim Henman House 

Tim Henman and his wife Lucy Heald started living together in Barnes, southwest London. But, they moved to Aston Tirrold, a small community, in 2003. 

They needed to shift to a more prominent place since their family was growing. Also, they needed more space for keeping Lucy’s horses. 

Lucy and Tim now share the house with their three beautiful daughters.

Tim had bought the mansion for almost £2 million back in 2003. It’s a Georgian-style mansion with five spacious bedrooms. The property covers three acres of land and, of course, has a beautiful tennis court. 

The property also had a two-bedroom guesthouse and a lavish swimming pool. The swimming pool is still there, but Henman knocked down the guesthouse in 2011. 

Final Words 

Tim Henman’s wife and children live relatively low profile lives despite being celebrities. Henman spends most of his time with his family. His relationship with Lucy is as strong as it had been since the day they met. 

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