Tim Henman’s Net Worth, Career Earnings & Money

Tim Henman net worth & career earnings

Tim Henman was the biggest name in Britain’s post-war tennis era before the meteoric rise of Andy Murray. Despite his indisputable talent, Henman never managed to land a Grand Slam trophy in his career. How successful was he? What is Tim Henman’s net worth today? We will pursue these questions in the remainder of this piece.

Tim Henman’s Net Worth 

Even though a Grand Slam title has remained elusive to Henman throughout his career, he has enjoyed a fair amount of success. He has earned more than 11 and half million dollars in prize money. 

On top of that, Henman banked $32 million through endorsement deals. He is still earning money as an analyst for BBC. Also, he makes appearances in commercials. 

Currently, Tim Henman’s net worth is $40 million

Tim Henman Career Earnings 

Henman began playing tennis when he was three years old and joined the Slater Squad at the age of eleven. He began touring internationally as a youngster after suffering a terrible injury that sidelined him for the most part of two years. 

He quickly ascended the ATP rankings, reaching the quarterfinals of the Wimbledon Championships in 1996. Henman was well known as a grass specialist throughout his career, only becoming comfortable on clay and hard court near the conclusion of his career. Although he reached the semi-finals of both the French and US Opens in 2004.

Henman’s career trajectory started to go down in 2005, and he never made it past the third round of a Grand Slam competition. 

Henman left professional tennis in late 2007. However, he continues to compete on the ATP Champions Tour (a tour for former professional tennis players). 

He ended Britain’s lengthy wait for a Wimbledon Men’s Singles semi-final appearance in 1998. The last time a UK male tennis player achieved that feat was Roger Taylor in the 1970s. 

Henman never reached a Grand Slam final, but he did reach six Grand Slam semi-finals. He won 15 ATP titles in his career (11 in singles and four in doubles), including the 2003 Paris Masters. 

With the Great Britain Davis Cup squad, he had 40 victories and 14 losses. He made roughly a million dollars representing his nation. 

Henman was Britain’s number one tennis player in 1996 and again from 1999 until 2005, after which Andy Murray took over. Between July 2002 and October 2004, he hit a career-high of World No. 4 on three separate occasions. 

Henman is one of the most successful open-era tennis players in the United Kingdom, having won $11,635,542 in prize money.

Tim Henman Career Earnings Year By Year

1994$50, 278
1995$114, 222
1996$853, 247
1997$802, 746
1998$1,448, 770
1999$1, 037, 594
2000$1, 007, 823
2001$918, 699
2002$1, 044, 899
2003$921, 969
2004$1, 508, 477
2005$434, 472
2006$436, 385
2007$147, 445

In total, Tim Henman made $10,734,332 from ATP tournaments. Additionally, he made $901,210 by playing Davis Cup matches. Henman’s yearly income crossed the million-dollar mark on five occasions. 

The first time he did so was in 1998. This year, he made his first Wimbledon semi-final appearance and broke into the ATP Top 10. He touched the million-dollar landmark again the following two years. 

Henman enjoyed the best years of his career between 2001 and 2004. He made it to the million-dollar club two more times within this timeframe. 

In his first year as a professional, he made a bit more than $7000. A series of positive results led to a substantial rise in his rankings and earnings in the next few years. In 1994, his income increased almost sevenfold, thanks to solid performances. In 1995, he doubled his annual income. 

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Tim Henman Endorsements 

Tim Henman was a part of Adidas’s rich catalogue of tennis stars during his best years. He is also sponsored by Jaguar. As the company’s brand ambassador, he was present at the official announcement of Jaguar becoming Wimbledon’s first car sponsor in 2015. 

Soft drink brand Robinsons was also a sponsor of Henman. In 2006, Tim Henman appeared alongside Andy Murray in a Robinsons’ commercial. It was the first and only time the two great British tennis players shared the screen for an ad. Henman appeared in Robinsons‘ advertisements well beyond his retirement. 

Tim Henman’s Cars 

Tim Henman is an avid car enthusiast, and his love for automobiles dates back to his school days. In an interview, Tim revealed that the MGB GT his father drove to take Tim and his brother to school made him fall in love with luxury cars. 

Henman’s first car was a Peugeot 306 XSi. It set him back around £13,000 at that time. He added a Porsche 911 Carera 4S to his garage in 1999, splashing out £100,000 on the vehicle. However, he later sold it for an undisclosed amount. 

Henman also got the keys to cars like Mercedes SL 500 and Jaguar XKR as part of his sponsorship deals. 

At the moment, Henman drives a Jaguar F-Type R. It sells for more than $100,000. A supercharged V8 engine powers the car. It also boasts an eight-speed auto transmission. 

Tim Henman Charity 

In 2015, Tim Henman decided to expand his philanthropic initiatives and relaunched the Tim Henman Foundation. It has raised more than £2.5 million and has helped nearly 50,000 underprivileged young people. 

The Tim Henman Foundation focuses on elevating the standard of life of disadvantaged youth through quality education and sports. The organisation intends to improve its target demographic’s physical and mental wellbeing. 

Final Words 

Tim Henman came close to winning a Grand Slam several times. Still, he was unlucky to come across some of the most in-form contemporary players. Regardless, he remains a legend in British tennis. His OBE award is a testament to that fact. Tim Henman’s net worth is also a good indicator of the success he had in his career. 

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