Michael Bisping’s Net Worth & Family 2023

Michael Bisping Net worth

Michael Bisping was a former UFC British fighter who worked his way up from living in his car to Worldwide champion. In this article, we took a detailed look at Michael Bisping’s net worth and his personal life. 

Bisping was a fighter who split opinions among the UFC faithful. However, nobody can deny that he is one of the best British fighters to have graced the octagon in the UFC and also one of the richest.

Michael Bisping’s Net Worth

Michael Bisping Net Worth 2023£9m ($12m)
Michael Bisping Net Worth 2022£8.9m ($12m)
Michael Bisping Net Worth 2021£7.3m ($10m)
Michael Bisping Net Worth 2020£6.5m ($9m)
Michael Bisping Net Worth 2019£5.8m ($8m)
Michael Bisping Net Worth 2018£5.5m ($7.5m)
Michael Bisping Net Worth 2017£5m ($6.8m)
Michael Bisping Net Worth 2016£3.5 ($4.9m)

Michael Bisping, who is still the only British UFC champion, has won more than $7m in cash winnings. This figure doesn’t take into account PPV shares and locker room bonuses. 

He endorses pharmaceutical brands like cbcMD and Naked Nutrition on social media. The financial details of these arrangements are not available. Bisping often makes public appearances wearing a cbcMD shirt.

Bisping has also appeared in several films. His Hollywood silver screen debut came in XXX: The Return of Xander Cage. Reportedly, Connor McGregor was the original choice for the role. 

Reports also claim that the Irishman turned down a seven-figure paycheck to focus on his fight against Nate Diaz. Bisping was his immediate replacement. 

However, the Briton’s representatives did not disclose whether he was offered the same amount of money or not. 

Currently, Michael Bisping’s net worth is $12m (approximately).

Michael Bisping Highest-Paid Fights

2010Yoshihiro Akiyama$415,000
2011Jason Miller$425,000
2016Dan Henderson 2$490,000
2017Georges St-Pierre$540,000

The Count took part in some fascinating battles throughout his illustrious career. But which are the ones that brought him the highest amount of money? Here are four fights where Bisping received hefty remunerations. 

Michael Bisping vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama (UFC 120, October 16, 2010)

Yoshihiro Akiyama posed a daunting challenge to overcome for Bisping in UFC 120. The Japanese fighter depended on his punching forte to defeat Bisping.

That said, Bisping, who had recently lost to Wanderlei Silva, still entered the fray as a favourite. The former Cage Warriors Light Heavyweight champion threw the first jabs of the tie.

But, it was Akiyama who inflicted the most damaging blows in the initial stages. A right-hand strike made Bisping shake on his legs. However, he recovered swiftly and replied with a powerful jab.

After a strong start to the first round, Akiyama’s dominance started to fade away. He did manage to drive his opponent to the back foot a couple of times. But, could do little to dictate the flow of the bout.

In fact, Bisping closed the first round strong with a series of fantastic combos. He landed a few kicks and jabs towards the end. Overall, he started the second round with a slight advantage.

The contestants persisted in putting on an even fight in the second round. Nonetheless, Akiyama was starting to show signs of tiredness. He switched to a stalling tactic and waited for his chance to arrive.

Akiyama was blocking Bisping’s efforts nicely and making some successful attacks every now and then. But, just like the previous round, he surrendered the round’s control towards the closing moments.

Bisping put on a string of combos towards the end and managed to land some hits. Akiyama, however, somewhat restored the balance as he made some good combos of his own.

But Bisping still ended the round on a high note. Akiyama showed more intent in the third round, but Bisping blocked most of his attacks with success. As a result, Bisping won via unanimous decision.

Fight Payout & Purse

UFC did not reveal the financial details of the Bisping vs. Akiyama fight officially. In 2018, Bisping’s former manager Anthony McGann filed a lawsuit against him over payment disputes. 

McGann revealed that Bisping earned a total of $415,000 from the bout. He had a guaranteed purse of $205,000. He made a further $150,00 as a win bonus. On top of that, he won $60,000 as a Fight of the Night bonus. 

Michael Bisping vs. Jason Miller ( The Ultimate Fighter Season 14 Finale, December 3, 2011)

Michael Bisping and Jason Miller had lined up to feature in the The Ultimate Fighter Season 14 Finale Main Event. The middleweight pairing was one of Bisping’s most financially successful fights. 

Miller got the ball rolling with a low kick, but he had to soak in a counter immediately. Although, it was Miller who landed the first official hit of the bout.

He did brilliantly to force Bisping to the ground. But, he could not back it up with a well-executed mount. Bisping managed to slip out of the situation and then connected a hook to Miller’s chin. 

The first round was a toe-to-toe affair. Miller continued to push for a takedown. But, Bisping had thwarted his successive takedown attempts and stood strong on his feet. 

Miller’s persistent pursuit of a takedown handed his opponent a grand opening.  Bisping took full advantage of the exposure he got and threw a successful right-hand strike that left Miller grasping for his breath. 

However, Bisping showed no mercy for his struggling rival and battered him with a flurry of strikes. He took total control of the bout in the final 30 seconds. 

After losing the second round to Bisping, Miller tried to make a comeback in the third. But, he had to cocoon himself to a defensive approach as Bisping picked up where he had left off in the second round. 

The attacks kept on coming towards Miller. He fell to the canvas, and Bisping got on top of him to finish him off. At 3:34, the referee announced Bisping as the winner via TKO.

Bisping pocketed $425,000 after winning the fight. In contrast, Miller got $45,000. 

Michael Bisping vs. Dan Henderson 2 (UFC 204, October 8, 2016)

Michael Bisping got the opportunity to avenge his KO defeat to Henderson in UFC 204. Seven years after that night in Las Vegas, Bisping was facing Henderson for the second time in his career.

The stage was set for Bisping. He was playing in front of a Manchester crowd. So, he had a home advantage.  Moreover, he had a UFC Middleweight title to defend. 

However, Henderson had no lack of motivation going into this fight as well. It was the last bout of his career. What better way there is than to conclude a 19-year-long career with a championship belt? 

And he did seem to have found the lost spark when he took the octagon. Dan Henderson produced his best performance in years to sign out on a high. 

Physically, Henderson was far from his best. But he came up with the right strategy to make up for that flaw. His experience proved to be a valuable asset in the fight. 

Instead of going all-out attack, Henderson adopted a counterpunching technique. He let Bisping take the swings and attempted to catch him on the counter. 

But Bisping had the upper hand. He also approached slowly to let Henderson tire himself out. After starting with aggression, he changed into a cautious strategy.

This idea had paid dividends. Following a formidable start, Henderson cut an exhausted figure in the third round. Bisping then ramped up his attacks with increased intensity. 

Consequently, Bisping bagged a unanimous win.  

Michael Bisbing’s UFC Purse & Payout

Apart from retribution, winning the rematch with Henderson made a significant contribution to Bisping’s bank balance.  He won $490,000 in total. Making $250,000 just for showing up and earning $150,000 for winning.

While receiving $50,000 in Fight Night bonuses. $40,000 came in as sponsor’s money from Reebok. The amount totals a whopping $490,000. 

In addition, estimates indicate Bisping pocketed around $1m from his share of PPV money. The fight had a PPV buy of 290,000.

Michael Bisping vs. Georges St-Pierre (UFC 217, November 4, 2017)

After a four-year exile, Georges St-Pierre decided to make a UFC comeback. But instead of the welterweight division, where he achieved the status of a legend, he decided to compete in middleweight. 

As if moving up in the weight division did not seem to be difficult enough, St-Pierre had to take on the reigning champion of the division- Michael Bisping. 

Odds were strictly in favour of Bisping to defend his title. However, the Canadian surprised him in the octagon and won the fight through technical submission. 

Bisping vs. St-Pierre Payouts

Despite the defeat, Michael Bisping had raked in a career highest amount of money from the fight. Bisping made $500k in guaranteed purse and earned $40k more from sponsorship money.

In total, he earned $540k  from the fight,

On the other hand, St-Pierre had an astonishing $2.5m guaranteed purse. He left with a total winning of $2.58m. 

Michael Bisping’s Wife & Family

Michael Bisping has Polish roots. His grandfather was from Poland. He moved to England during the German invasion of the country in 1939. Bisping’s mother, on the other hand, is from Ireland. 

Michael Bisping’s wife is Rebecca Bisping. She is from Adelaide, Australia. The couple had met in Australia in 1999. After dating for 15 years, they tied the knot in 2014.

Micheal and Rebecca are parents to three kids. They have two sons, Callum Bisping and Lucas Bisping.  Callum is a college-level wrestler and has won the CIF championships in high school.

Michael Bisping’s daughter is Ellie Bisping. She is the second child of Bisping. 

Michael Bisping Acting

Bisping had worked in his first film before his MMA career took off. Beatdown was a low-profile project, but later, he worked in mainstream UK and USA films and serials. 

He worked in two British films released in 2014 (Plastic and The Anomaly). In 2017, he worked in his first Hollywood film XXX: The Return of Xander Cage.

Bisping also appeared in the Twin Peaks reboot in 2017.  He revealed that he is a fan of the original 1990 series.

Michael Bisping will play himself in Built for This. The documentary will come out later this year. However, the release date might change because of the pandemic. 

Michael Bisping, Manchester United Fan

Michael Bisping is a lifelong Manchester United fan. He often visits the Old Trafford to catch the Red Devils play live. Man United had congratulated Bisping after his win against Dan Henderson.

Interestingly, Henderson is a fan of Manchester City, Man United’s city rivals. 

Michael Bisping Podcast & Book

Michael Bisping does a podcast with stand-up comedian Luis J. Gomez. The name of the podcast is Believe You Me. The duo talks about MMA, pop culture and almost any corner of our daily lives with a comedic hint, of course. 

Michael Bisping’s autobiography came out in 2019. Quitters Never Win collects many Michael Bisping stories we never heard before. 

Final Say

Hopefully, this article has given you a deeper insight into Micheal Bisping’s net worth and his personal life. He is an MMA icon who is now looking to make a successful career as a media personality.

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