Popular Football Icons Who Love Casino Games

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Football stars do not have a lot of free time on their hands. Most of their holidays happen at the end of the season when they take time off to cool off, enjoy themselves, and prepare for the new season.

During these breaks, many football stars travel to different parts of the world and mainly try their hands at non-football related activities. They usually have some of the best experiences with real money online casino games and other fun activities, especially as financing is never a problem.

Why do football stars love to play casino games?

Many of their activities are usually fun. Some try their hands on new activities, and others pick activities they are accustomed to. Casino gaming is one of the typical fun activities that football stars engage in during their breaks.

For most of them, playing casino games is a big opportunity to engage their minds outside of football.

Football stars who are casino gaming players

Here are some of the biggest football stars that love to play casino games:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo

The 37-year-old football star is one of the highest earners in football. When Ronaldo is not trying to score goals that make the difference for his clubs and the Portuguese national team, you will find him enjoying a game of poker. Ronaldo picked up poker quite early and has been spotted in some of the biggest casinos around the world.

  • Neymar

The Brazilian bundle of skills commands a lot of money for his services. When Neymar is not dazzling his fans on the pitch, he is having a lot of fun. One activity Neymar engages in to get the right dose of fun is casino gaming. Neymar has often commented on his experience playing casino games and even posts some of his thrilling experiences on his official social media accounts. Whether those were publicity arrangements, no one really knows, but he certainly enjoys his time.

  • James Maddison

The Leicester City and England Midfielder attracted the biggest controversy of his career when he was spotted at a local Casino in Leicester. Before being spotted at the casino, Maddison had just been excused from the England squad for reasons bordering on illness. While many of his critics were quick to point accusing fingers at Maddison, none of them balanced their criticism by thinking of some benefits of casino gaming that Maddison may have used to deal with the illness.

  • Mario Balotelli

Mario Balotelli has enjoyed an illustrious football career, having played in Italy, England, and France. Balotelli has an interesting on-field and off-field character. Mario Balotelli enjoys playing casino games. This was particularly brought to the fore during his time at Manchester City, when the media focused on him for his off-field antics. Mario typically enjoys playing roulette.

  • Zlatan Ibrahimović

The big Swede loves to play casino games and other forms of gambling. While Zlatan is not one to gamble with chances on the football pitch, he seems to enjoy doing it when he is not playing football.


Many football stars play casino games for fun. Casino gaming mimics the majority of the emotions associated with football. However, these football stars do not feel the pressure as they would when on the football pitch. Casino gaming helps them relieve built-up tension and stress. With casino gaming, the emotions come, but they are free from work pressures.

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