Carl Frampton’s Net Worth 2023

Carll Frampton Net Worth

Carl Frampton is an Irish boxer who retired his gloves in 2021 after losing a WBO super-featherweight bout against Jamal Herring. Even though Frampton’s career ended in defeat, he leaves a legacy of greatness behind. To many, he is the best Irish boxer in the post-WWII era. This article will discuss Carl Frampton’s net worth, career, and personal life.

Carl Frampton’s Net Worth

YearNet Worth
Carl Frampton Net Worth 2023£6 million

In the final fight of his career, Carl Frampton had a guaranteed payout of £350,000. Apart from that, he had a 50% PPV share. Overall, he took more than a million pounds from the fight despite losing it. On average, Carl Frampton banked £1.5 million per fight. However, he did not get all of that money. 

Frampton revealed how much of the purse money goes to the boxer in his podcast TKO. More than one-third of the fight purse is given to the manager and the trainer. After that, sparring partners get a cut of the money. The food bill is also pretty high since boxers have to stick to a healthy, high-protein diet.

After all the costs are accounted for, the boxer gets about 50% of the money. 

Per our estimations, Carl Frampton’s net worth is currently £5 million. 


World-famous boxing gloves brand Everlast was Carl Frampton’s primary sponsor when he was an active boxer. In 2017, Carl Frampton joined 32Red as an ambassador. The online casino had a multi-fight arrangement with Frampton. 32Red’s logo featured on Frampton’s shorts and training wear as part of the deal. The two time World Champion also contributed regularly to Red32’s official blog. 

English streetwear brand 11 Degrees Apparel also struck an endorsement deal with Carl Frampton. The outlet still sells Carl Frampton merchandise, so we assume the arrangement is still in place. 

Frampton had also signed for prominent sports fashion retailer JD Sports. 

In 2020, Carl Frampton filed a case against Cyclone Promotions Ltd. He claimed that the company had pledged a 70-30 split of profits with him, but they did not deliver on their promise. 

Carl Frampton’s Wife

Carl Frampton has been married to Christine Frampton since 2013. Carl is a protestant, and Christine is a catholic, but the couple did not want their religious difference to stand in the way of their union. So, they tied the knot in a humanist ceremony at the Old Inn Crawfordsburn, a 400-year old wedding venue located in County Down, Northern Ireland. 

Both Christine and Carl are Belfast residents. Christine grew up in Poleglass, a neighborhood on the city’s Western sideOn the other hand, Carl was born and raised in Tigers Bay, which occupies the northern parts of Belfast. 

Initially, Carl Frampton said he met Christine at a Portrush nightclub in 2006. But, later, he revealed they met on Bebo, a social networking site that went bankrupt in 2013, before relaunching in 2021. He clarified that their first conversation took place on Bebo. Their first physical meeting was at the nightclub. 

Christine Frampton has a bachelor’s degree in criminology from Queen’s University. She wanted to become a prison warden but sacrificed her career ambitions once the kids came along. Christine and Carla have a son (Rossa) and a daughter (Carla). 

In 2020, Carl Frampton said in an interview that Christine hates the limelight and prefers to live a simple life. He also revealed that the couple had about 30 photos taken together, a number that seems unbelievably small in an Instagram-influenced world.

Christine welcomed Carl’s decision to retire at 34 so that he could spend more time with his family.   

Carl Frampton Cars

Carl Frampton primarily drives a Range Rover Velar, which is worth around £45,000. He is not known for being a car enthusiast, but before his WBO super-featherweight clash with Herring, he talked about some of his dream cars in a live stream arranged by his sponsors 11 Degrees Apparel. 

He jokingly revealed that a Lamborghini is not the best choice for him since the place he lives in has “too many potholes.” He expressed his admiration for the Audi RS7 and disclosed that he had narrowly missed out on buying an RS5 before. 

Early Life

Carl Frampton was born in North Ireland on 21 February 1987. His father, Craig Frampton, and his mother, Flo Frampton, encouraged him to pursue athletic activities in his childhood. Carl took up boxing at the age of seven. He also used to play football and was a part of the Glengormley High School rugby team. But, he discovered a true passion for boxing later on. 

None of Carl’s parents comes from a boxing background. His love for boxing stems from his boxer grandfather. Carl Frampton was one of the best students of his batch. Even though he was good at boxing, nobody envisioned him as a professional. So, it surprised many within his close circle when he entered a professional boxing career. Frampton’s parents were a regular presence beside the ring during his fighting days.


Despite wearing the gloves for the first time as a seven-year-old, it wasn’t until his 11th birthday that he started to consider a long term future in boxing. He got admitted to the Midland Boxing Club and worked his way up to establishing a professional career. He had an incredible amateur career, picking up 114 victories in opposition to 8 defeats. 

The British boxer triumphed in the Senior Flyweight and Featherweight divisions in the Irish Amateur Boxing Association event. A runner-up finish at the 2007 European Union Amateur Boxing Championships was another accomplishment that convinced Frampton he was ready for the big stage. 

In 2009, Carl Frampton entered the realm of professional boxing and was active in the scene till 2021. Not many boxers manage to replicate their amateur success at the highest level, but Frampton hit the ground running. Five years after making his professional debut, Frampton relished the first world title of his career as he won the IBF super-bantamweight title at the expense of Kiko Martinez. 

Two years fast forward; he defeated Scott Quigg to raise his hands with the WBA super-bantamweight belt. In doing so, he immortalised himself as the first Irish fighter to hold two world boxing titles simultaneously. 

Carl Frampton set his sight on expanding his territory to superior weight classes. He went up a division to challenge Leo Santa Cruz for the WBA featherweight belt. Frampton came out on top of Santa Cruz in their first fight, but he failed to maintain that momentum into the second fight. As a result, Frampton lost and got stripped of his titles. 

But, the Irishman already had an enviable career. The British government acknowledged his phenomenal achievements in boxing by naming him an MBE (Member of the order of the British Empire). 

In 2021, Carl Frampton attempted to snatch the WBO junior lightweight title from reigning champion Jamal Herring. But, the veteran boxer was not in his best shape for the fight and suffered a disappointing defeat. After the fight, Frampton declared that he would hang up his gloves for good. 

Throughout his 12 year career, Carl Frampton has participated in 31 bouts and won 28 of them. Between 2014 and 2016, he held the titles of WBA (Super) and IBF super-bantamweight, WBA (Super) featherweight from 2016 to 2017, WBO interim featherweight in 2018, and European and Commonwealth super-bantamweight between 2011 and 2014. He also held the titles of European and Commonwealth super-bantamweight between 2011 and 2014.


Carl Frampton is widely known as “The Jackal .”But, what’s the origin of that name? To understand where the name came from, we must revisit Frampton’s school life. Frampton was a fantastic footballer growing up, and he used to play as a left-back, like Roberto Carlos, the Brazil and Real Madrid legend. 

Because of his position, minuscule physique, and a name like Carl, Frampton picked up Carlos’s moniker as a tribute to the World Cup-winning fullback. The trial of Ilich Ramrez Sánchez for the 1975 murders of two French counter-intelligence agents and a government informant was taking place in Paris at that time. The Venezuelan leftist was known as “Carlos The Jackal,” repeatedly mentioned on TV. From there, Frampton became Belgrade’s “Carl The Jackal.”

Final Words

Carl Frampton’s net worth is unlikely to experience a significant boost in the future since he bid the ring farewell. But, he has cemented his place in history as a legend of the game. Is he the best Irish boxer we have had since the end of the Great War? That remains a debatable issue, but you will find many similar-minded people if your answer to that question is “yes.” 

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