The US’ Favorite Sports to Bet On  

UFC & Joe Rogan

Sports betting has been around for as long as sports have been around. There is just something about athletic competition that makes us non-athletes ask “Who will win?” Sometimes, we are so confident in our choice, that we put money on it. 

Online Sportsbooks 

The practice has endured throughout the millennia, and is still going strong today. In fact, it is going even stronger today, in large part thanks to online bookies. These websites make sports betting a lot easier, and a lot more fun. 

Online sportsbooks let you place wagers from your home, or on the go through your phone. They often come with bonuses that make sports betting easier for newbies, and more engaging for old-school veterans. It is no wonder that in the past decade-or-so, the practice has grown in popularity. 

Sports Betting in the USA 

In the USA, sports betting is one of the primary hobbies of many fans of sports. However, what interests us today are the favorite sports of most US bettors. There are plenty to choose from, some obvious, and some surprising. If you have any interest in the industry, or the hobby, we hope this article can help you better understand how it works, and where you can start betting. 

Football (NFL) 

Obviously, football would make the number one spot. It is, by far, America’s favorite sport, and there is very little competition. Most Americans, even those who have no interest in sports, have been exposed to football in some way, or another, whether that be through high school games or through the ever-exciting Super Bowl.  

When a sport gets that popular it only makes sense that the bettors follow. A rough estimate by the American Gaming Association states that the number of Americans who placed bets on the NFL in 2022 was around 46 million. Certainly, that is an impressive figure. 

Mixed Martial Arts (UFC) 

Combat sports have been around just as long as humans have. Many consider wrestling and boxing to be among the first sports that developed, or at least the oldest that we still practice today. Understandably, no matter how far we progress, combat still fascinates us.  

MMA is a celebration of combat. Fighters fuse multiple martial arts from all over the world, all with the goal of taking down their opponents. And we can’t get enough of it. In 2022, close to 10 million Americans wagered on the big-name UFC matches. 

Basketball (NBA and NCAA)  

Basketball is the second most popular sport in the world, behind only soccer. As the creators of the sport, Americans understandably love basketball. Both the National Basketball Association and college basketball get a ton of attention from sports commentators and online sportsbooks.  

In 2022, March Madness alone received wagers from 20 million American adults, and that number was much bigger in 2023. The American Gaming Association has also reported a noticeable growth in US sports betting, especially when it comes to football and basketball. They are easily the two biggest sports to bet on in the country. 

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