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Denver Broncos: Three Solid Reasons The Broncos Will Return To Playoffs in 2023

Denver Broncos

Last summer, when the Denver Broncos paid a jaw-dropping amount for quarterback Russell Wilson, it sent shock waves through the league. Denver put all of its draft picks and three players, including picks on Day 1 and Day 2, in Wilson’s basket.

We all know by now that 2022 was the worst possible year for the company. Wilson went backwards a lot because he had a hard time learning the new method when Nathaniel Hackett was the head coach. On top of that, Geno Smith, who replaced Wilson in Seattle, had one of the most accurate seasons in NFL history.

To make things worse, the Broncos limped to five wins, which gave them a top-five pick in the NFL Draft for 2023. Worse news? The Seahawks were due that pick. Even worse? Seattle also owned the team’s second-round pick, which ended up going near the top of the round.

The Denver fans’ pain was made worse by the fact that the Seahawks made the playoffs thanks to Smith’s unexpected success. Even though Wilson’s time as coach didn’t start off well, the team made moves this summer that give fans hope for the 2023 season.

Will the Broncos, defy the odds making rounds with the likes of bet on nfl games online, and make it back to the playoffs after a seven-year absence? Here are three reasons why I think Denver can make it into the AFC playoffs, which are very tough this year.

#1: An Experienced and Talented Coach In Sean Payton

First, the team got rid of Hackett and put in Sean Payton, who will be in the Hall of Fame someday. It cost them the first-round pick they got from Miami in the Bradley Chubb trade, but given how much the front office is invested in Wilson, another first-rounder is well worth it if Payton can bring back the star quarterback.

Payton made a name for himself by turning the poor Saints into real Super Bowl contenders year after year. In 2009, he and Drew Brees won the Super Bowl. Mentioning Brees was a smart move since Wilson has many of the same qualities as Brees.

Payton has never ended a season with fewer than seven wins, and 11 of his 15 seasons have ended with a record of .500 or better. He is in charge of everything in Denver, and it is up to the 59-year-old head coach to change the way people talk about the Russell Wilson deal.

#2: A Brand New Russell Wilson

Adding to what was said in the first paragraph, Russell Wilson can’t be as bad as he was in 2022. Players tend to get worse as they get older, but Wilson’s game is made to keep up with the ageing process. Nathaniel Hackett, who was a first-time teacher, was in over his head and never used his plan in Denver.

Wilson was hurt by this lack of security. Since he had spent his whole career inside the Seattle building, this disaster was a rude shock. Now that everyone knows what to expect and has a great offensive mind as head coach, the 34-year-old quarterback should be able to play at his usual level this season.

Wilson will make fewer interceptions and plays that could lead to a turnover now that he has a big arsenal of weapons and a better offensive line. If Payton went back to being the risk-averse person he used to be, he would be able to put the veteran quarterback in good spots. Wilson’s arm is stronger than Brees’s was in New Orleans the last few years, so the play-calling should be more flexible.

#3: The Class Of 2024 NFL Draft Will Offer Immediate Help

As I said before, Denver went into the 2023 NFL Draft with a big disadvantage. But even though the company gave up its first two picks in the event, it still found a way to add players who could help right away.

The Broncos were bold, moving up to the end of Round 2 with a number of mid-round picks. With the new pick, Payton’s team got another player who could be a good playmaker for the attack. Marvin Mims is a home run hitter in every way, as shown by the fact that he averaged almost 20 yards per catch at Oklahoma.

Later on Day 2, the defense got linebacker Drew Sanders and safety Riley Moss, who both started right away. Both players are very active and give the middle and back of the team a boost of youth. Sanders, in particular, could be a surprise candidate for Defensive Rookie of the Year if Denver lets him rush the quarterback in addition to his covering duties. The most recent draft class will be a big reason why the Broncos make it back to the playoffs.

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