FIFA Ultimate Team, or FUT for beginners – We analyze the basics

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Since the release of the continuation of one of the most iconic football simulators – FIFA 23, a lot of time has passed, but there are still quite a few players who just come to the virtual football league and face a huge number of modes, mechanics and random events that are simply lost and in places even lose interest in the project. In fact, everything is not so difficult if you analyze each aspect separately and try out each mode.

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What is FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team is a complete online mode for the FIFA 23 football simulator in which you have to choose your favorite game club and compete with other players for the right to be considered the best football player.

FIFA 23 FUT has an interesting feature – when you choose your team whose colors you want to represent – you will get an unexpected set of players who play for the club and in real football. Instead, you will receive random performers that you will pull out of game sets.

There are 4 types of kits in total:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Golden
  • Special, or Idols

All packs have a different cost and bring players of different quality, even if we are talking about the same player.

It is most logical to move from cheap to expensive – to assemble a stable bronze composition, then silver, and so on.

The most powerful and titled players who have weight and status in world football drop out of special sets.

To be able to open packs, you need to earn FIFA 23 coins – a special currency from FUT and you can get it in several ways.

  1. Play matches and complete tasks
  2. Buy fifa coins SkyCoach from a professional service.

We will discuss all the options for earning FIFA coins within the current guide, and as for the services, this is a great opportunity to get start-up capital and collect a really good squad to start the game and get the opportunity to play against real opponents on equal, or even more favorable conditions. Of course, the experience of the game always outweighs the line-up, but in the starting pairs, any advantage will play a favorable role.

Skycoach gives its clients a guarantee of anonymity and provides protection against interference by the game administration in the subject of the transaction. In the event of a dispute, the client always has the right to request a refund.

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Game modes and rewards when playing FIFA Ultimate Team

Squad battles

This is the first and essentially introductory mode in which you will play with your squad against a random team of a real player under the control of AI. You choose the level of difficulty and begin to hone your skills. For each victory in this mode, you will receive points and, depending on the total amount at the end of the week, you will receive an appropriate reward that will help strengthen your game squad.


Moments is a series of tasks in which you must meet and fulfill the requirements that FIFA Ultimate Team sets for you.

In total, you can pass the level for three stars, where the compliance with the initial and fulfilled requirements directly affects the result.

You need to complete the tasks that are assigned to you within the framework of the competition – score a goal from a free kick, hit with your head, make a dozen accurate passes without loss. It is important to try to complete the task immediately for three stars, so as not to overplay and achieve the greatest progress.

Draft Arena

A mode in which you have to form a team, choosing from the offered cards for each game position and upon completion the game will offer you a choice – to play against AI, or live players.

A series of four potential fights awaits you without the right to make a mistake. The further you manage to go, the more rewards you can get to improve the squad.

The reward is given even for one win, but you need to aim for at least two, and in the ideal outcome, take all four for the best result.

Practice with the AI as much as you like, and at the same time learn tactics and a sense of game rhythm and initiative on the field.

Division Rivals

This is a balanced mode that simultaneously helps to determine your playing level and gives you the opportunity to earn FIFA coins in games against real opponents.

This mode is somewhat similar to the qualifying games for major tournaments.

You will fight against other players and at the end of the period, the amount of points that you managed to score in the series will be taken into account. This will determine the progression path in the division for subsequent rebounds and you will be relegated, promoted, or stay at the same level of your game.

FUT Champions Playoffs

If you managed to get at least 1250 points within the division games, then you get a chance to play in a major tournament, but in order to get into the competition you have to go through the qualifying stage.

The selection stage is similar to the calibration in many online games.

In total, you will have 10 matches, where you will receive 4 points for a win, and 1 for a loss.

You need to get at least 4 wins to be able to advance to the next stage.

Difficulties in such qualification 2:

  1. You play against absolutely random opponents and if you are a beginner, then everything is decided by chance.
  2. In this mode, there cannot be a draw, so the match will go on for as long as it takes to determine the winner. The game will first go to extra time and extra halves, and then to a penalty shoot-out if required.

Weekend League

This is an event that lives up to its name and runs all weekend and serves as a fitting end to all your efforts in the division and playoff games.

You will have only 20 games, and each victory will move you forward and unlock new rewards.

The main reward for all Weekend League players is player packs. The more players from the golden and special roster you can get as you gain gaming experience, the faster you can progress and play equally against serious opponents.

No matter how good you are in terms of tactics, jerks and feints, you are still more likely to lose due to the lack of accuracy, speed and endurance, which is inherent in top football players comparable to real prototypes.

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