Nigel Benn Wife (Caroline Jackson) & Family

Nigel Benn Wife And Family

Nigel Benn wife – Caroline Jackson, with whom he tied the knot in 1997 and still married to this day.  Previously, he was married to Sharon Crowley in 1991; unfortunately, the couple soon got divorced. 

Nigel Gregory Benn was going through a troublesome phase of his life when he married his current wife, Caroline Benn. He had just retired while getting married and failed to commit to her. The mental toll of living a delinquent life was piling upon him. 

Nigel Benn Wife – Caroline Jackson

Nigel Benn Wife -Caroline Jackson

His raunchy non-marital affairs jeopardised his relationship with his family and his children. He was having a rough time coping with this psychological stress that turned suicidal. 

He attempted to take his life in 1999 but survived. After that incident, Benn turned religious and patched up his relationship with his wife. The couple has been together ever since. 

Benn also has two daughters, India Benn and Rene Benn, who live with Nigel Benn and his wife Caroline Benn in Australia.  

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Nigel Benn’s Son – Conor Benn

Conor Benn is one of three sons and is the most famous child from Nigel and Caroline Benn, you could say he is a celebrity unlike his brothers, Sade and Dominick.

He followed his father’s footsteps and took up boxing. He fights in the welterweight division and currently holds the WBA Continental (Europe) Welterweight belt. 

Nigel Benn’s Parents & Family

Nigel’s father Dixon Benn left his homeland of Barbados in 1956 and emigrated to the UK. His wife Mina followed suit a year after, and Nigel came to the family in 1964. 

Nigel’s brothers and cousins were sports enthusiasts. He and his cousin Paul Inc were very close growing up at Ilford, London. Ince later become a professional footballer and earned caps for the Three Lions. 

A tragic accident took the life of Andy Benn, Nigel’s older brother, in 1972. It was too much of a shock to handle for an eight-year-old. The next few years were challenging for him to go through. 

The agony of his brother’s death pushed him off the tracks. Nigel repeatedly got into trouble and ended up in the police station. To get a grasp of his life, he decided to join the army then. 

Born to parents immigrating to the UK from Barbados, Nigel Benn has six brothers.  Recently, Nigel lost one of his elder brothers, Mark Benn, to coronavirus. 

Nigel’s father, Dixon Benn, was a regular attendee in his fights. He would often come up on the ring after Nigel won. Dixon, who had inspired Nigel to pursue boxing, lost his battle against cancer in 2015.

Nigel Benn has a celebrity cousin in Paul Ince. The former Manchester United star’s mother was the sister of Benn’s mother.

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